Early Owner Impression: Infamous: Second Son Hardly Offers Replayability, New Powers Leaked & More

Spoiler Alert: Read Details about new power set of Infamous: Second Son at your OWN RISK

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GribbleGrunger2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I'm not reading the article but that headline is completely the opposite of what everyone who is playing it on Gaf is saying and completely the opposite of the series as a whole. In fact it's one series that begs to be played twice. You get completely different power branches, completely different story branches, completely different missions and a completely different end. I COMPLETELY disagree ...

Derekvinyard132312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Guys I Just read the article there is spoilers but NO spoilers here in my comment... I think he's trying to say its repetitive but he's wording it as not having replay value, the author didn't write the article he's just quoting stuff from someone who has the game that he personally asked. Could go either way here

GribbleGrunger2312d ago

So one persons personal view over hundreds of personal views in Gaf ... I think I know which to believe.

NewMonday2312d ago

I have the game and from my experience it will be the first game(other than the Witcher2) I play twice in years. And I'm usually a "one and done" kind of gamer.

The story is different and even the way you play changes

Derekvinyard132312d ago

your own dude, there may be all those people on gaf and this one guy but there not playing your copy, you are :-)

matrixman922312d ago

im one of the ones from Gaf. I got it on saturday afternoon and had the platinum by Monday afternoon. I did 100% in both evil and good literally everything the game offers twice; and i finished in roughly 20 hours

mhunterjr2312d ago

I certainly think the game is worth playing twice, but that's only going to get you about 20hrs of playing time. I think that's what he means when he says it offers little replayabilty...

PONTIAC08G8GT2312d ago

And everyone complained about $60 for a MP only game, yet a single player game with roughly 20 hours of gameplay that doesn't offer much re-playability after the 1st or 2nd play through, that's ok to spend $60 on.

Shadonic2312d ago

But doesnt the playtime depend upon the player still. I could just decide to run around destroying stuff or wrecking havek for hours. 20 hours seems A-OK to me, I'm definitely not going to be speed running or just going from mission to mission every time I play not truly sucking in or exploring the open world.

mhunterjr2312d ago


Absolutely. The bottoms line is different people are going to value things differently.

There are things in the game the folks might find fun for hours after they eat the campaign twice. Other folks might be disappointed though, if they are used to the sheer number of side activities games like GtaV and assassins creed have to offer after the game is completed.

Valid arguments for both sides, at the end of the day, the individual consumer will decide if it's worth it.

MajorLazer2312d ago

I always play inFAMOUS games twice, Evil approach to begin with ;) and then doing a hero playthrough

Nocando2312d ago

How can you COMPLETELY disagree if you haven't even played it?

GribbleGrunger2312d ago

Because it's all we've been talking about since the copies were leaked.

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Bigpappy2312d ago

This game better deliver or PS4 fans are going to start questioning if the focus on resolution is hurting games on PS4.

majiebeast2312d ago

Oh Pappy you try so hard but never succeed.

PeaSFor2312d ago

InFamous 1&2 already delivered(imo)

so i have no doubt in my mind that SuckerPunch will do it again, i know exactly what kind of game im in for.

Kayant2312d ago

"if the focus on resolution is hurting games on PS4" - yh funny thing is that has not even been the main focus or mentioned a lot on here at all.

Nice try.

So according to you the feel for 1080p is not to do with the hardware being capable but to do with Sony forcing all devs to aim for 1080p and abandon gameplay mechanics because of that. It's a shame BF4 is 1080p and hard to be 30fps instead of 60fps.... Oh wait....

OT - So about 15 hrs par side is quite good so I don't see how it hardly has re playability seeing as you're going to see the other side of the coin in your second play through.

Bigpappy2312d ago

This game is @ 30fps. Would have benefited from 60fps over the 1080p resolution.

Kayant2312d ago

Yh but your argument wasn't that in the first place.

I agreed pretty much every game would in some way. However, SP decided to spend their development effort on other aspects such as lighting, the particle system and such. If it's locked 30 or near it than that's fine also IMO for the a game like this and them focusing on the effects instead.

Boody-Bandit2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )


What open world game on any gaming console is 60fps?

Open world games would not benefit from 60fps. The only genres I feel that benefit from 60fps is shooters, fighting and racing games.

Every video I've seen of Infamous appears to be running very smooth even with a ton of chaos going on in the background.

nukeitall2312d ago

I hope the game delivers, otherwise there will be drought of games until Watchdog on PS4.

That said, the game looks gorgeous graphically.

johndoe112112312d ago

Congratulations on winning the "most useless thread comment" award.

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SourShoes2312d ago

How does the game not offer replayability when the entire manner in which you play is changed when you are good vs. evil? Obviously you need to play both sides to capture the entire essence of the game. People have to remember that a lot of these guys who got the game early were just trying to burn through the game to release details before others could. Personally, I prefer to chill and enjoy games.

oODEADPOOLOo2312d ago

LMAO @ articles source: "my_bitches_love_me"

PeaSFor2312d ago

the author of the article is simply basing is opinion piece on someone else opinion from reddit....without even touching the game himself.

sam_job2312d ago

where does the author base someone else opinion as his, the title at both places says "Early Owner Impression on Infamous: Second Son"

chickenface2312d ago

i read the "my_bitches_love_me" replies to people wanting to find out what the game was like. In this article, the author has taken the 2 most negative replies he made, flipping it into a misleading article about the game .

my bitches love me gave the game a 9.5/10 rating when asked to give his score. He also praised the game for how fun it was and how excellent the graphics were.

This is just a troll article

AceBlazer132312d ago

This opinion comes from a minority. To the average gamer the last 2 inFamous games are good for at least 2 playthroughs with each playthrough being around 10 hours. That's more than most games these days.

Ol_G2312d ago

Well i thought both games were bad the floaty controls are so offputting and the story is just weak My little nephew likes it a lot the second game He's 12 btw but i'm seriously not hyped for the third game and not going to buy it i seriously don't understand the hype surrounding it

mkis0072312d ago

Well I dont understand the hype for titanfall or a new halo...but it still exists. To me second son is why I play video games. They let me play out childhood fantasies...peobably why I am not much of a competitive shooter guy. Never had that kind of fantasy

killzone6192312d ago

halo is bigger than infamous. But i agree titanfall is overhyped. But the FPS genre is huge

badz1492312d ago

If you recall correctly, there are 2 combinations of powers in inFamous 2 and people usually associated with with good and evil. You can actually play the good side with evil power and evil side with good power if you want to for different feel but yeah, there will still be just 2 endings but it will make how you approach the game differently too because you're having a set of power not made for that aide of the mission

Shadonic2312d ago

You do realize that 99% of the time usually people that say can never back it up.

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