9 Titanfall Tips

Max Level: Now that we have had some time with Titanfall, we have all developed some strategies. Here are a few that I have come up with.

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boogey1571676d ago

Great tips - coolest thing is dropping a titan on a titan

KingJulian1676d ago

Forgot about that. It never get's old

n4rc1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Eh.. Don't know if I agree with some of these..

It says to use the particle wall and smoke screen but its one or the other.. At any given time anyways.. Last titan standing I use the wall.. Anything else I use smoke

And rodeoing titans is not only a blast, but very useful.. Most newbies don't even know your on there.. And if they do, they always exit out the front while you can jump off in any direction.. It gives you the edge

My tips would include taking pot shots at any and all titans.. You'll get the 100 point assist once someone takes it down..

Hacking spectres seems useless.. They don't do anything but help give your position away..

My 2 cents anyways.. Gen 2 lvl 37

urwifeminder1676d ago

Still laugh players have fully ranked a couple of times got it launch day and am rank 24 , friggin vampire gamers get outside vitamin d is good for your eyes and bones.

n4rc1676d ago

Some dude on PC hit gen 10 a few days ago.. Apparently had something like 72h of game time within the first 4-5 days..


Highest I've seen on x1 is gen 5.. Even that's crazy to me.. I'm a solid veteran fps player and I'm only on gen 2 and feel like I've played every free minute I had Lol.. Damn work and real life

Sp1tfireXM1676d ago

I'm about to start my 3rd generation with 20 hours in since launch. I've taken the kids sliding twice and skating once since it came out. It really doesn't take that long to rank up. Especially with all the bonus xp burn cards out there. Play them wisely. As far as buddy making it to gen 10 in 5 days.....I'm sure he needs your advice lol

Simco8761676d ago

Yeah highest I've seen on PC is Gen 4. I will be lucky to hit Gen 2 before getting burned out or play a different game. Kids, work, real life...

College/High School gets you to those high numbers!

n4rc1675d ago

Grinding to hit gen 2 (or prestige)first amongst friends tends to happen but then we get bored.. But gen 2 lvl 40 and no signs of getting boring

Although.. Some of the regen challenges will probably stop me dead Lol.. But for now I'm still having a blast..