Getting started in 7 Days to Die [alpha 7.5] Powerleveled

Hey everyone Stevefantisy here, I am going to try to run series of videos here for you all to enjoy 7 days to die the crafting survival horror game. Currently being developed by The Fun Pimps. 7d2d is available currently on steam as an alpha title for

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JoeIsMad2299d ago

This game looks and acts a lot like Rust from your gameplay footage. Might be interesting to take a look at.

Stevefantisy2299d ago

They are very similar I still want to try Rust myself just not ready to dish out more money for another alpha game just yet.

JoeIsMad2299d ago

That's the thing about Rust. Having played it when it had Zombies, it's only good because I was in a high-population server. The user-user experience made the game what it is. I'm not sure this game has that same draw.

Magnus7012299d ago

Survivor horror meets minecraft? Oh shit...

Stevefantisy2299d ago

this game has consumed a lot of my time and with each path it just gets better and better

ROQFrost2299d ago

I've always wanted to try this game.