Top Five Myths of PC Gaming

The author dispels a number of myths regarding the general stigmas console gamers have towards PC gaming.

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hello122301d ago

Realistically PC gaming is expensive if you buy a computer in the shop. Prices are crazy in shops.

PC world have computers on sale that are not worth the price. The spec's are not even up to date and they still charge way too much for it.

It just turns people off buying one.

Geoff9002301d ago

It can be expensive, all depends on where, when and which parts you buy.

Generally speaking though both console, and PC gaming is expensive, it's an expensive hobby.

PC's are customizable, upgradable, whereas consoles you can plug it in and go does everything for you.

hello122301d ago

I could build a good computer in a cheap case for about 500 Euros or buy a good one on Ebay. But for most people who just want to buy one in the shop, the prices are too high.

HP envy for example retails for 1, 200 Euros on the PC world website.

Exploring the specs i noticed i could build the same exact computer for 600 to 700 Euros. Is any wonder PC sales are down?

SteamPowered2301d ago

I was eyeing up that HP Envy myself. It has a great CPU and I can put a better graphics card in it for $300. So for a cool G-note I can have a hell of a nice rig. BUT, it is far cheaper to build one myself. $700 with a sweet case and bluRay if I build myself.

stragomccloud2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Prices are indeed crazy in shops. Building is the only way. Besides, building your own brings with it a sense of pride and satisfaction that your PC is unique and yours alone. That's why I always tell people to think carefully about the case they choose.

2301d ago
ChickeyCantor2301d ago

People tend to forget everything else about computers. It's not just games. You have a complete operating system to work with.

Games on the other hand are dirt cheap. It's not like you're losing after your investment.

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imXify2301d ago

40 games at 60$ for PS4. Okay but you should estimate and compensate the number of free games for the 8 years of PS+

stragomccloud2301d ago

You could also factor in the price of games on steam sale as well. $40 worth of steam sale games is a lot of games. And those game you keep.

SteamPowered2301d ago

I know right! Now that Ive been on Steam for a while, I get the shakes when I even think about paying full price for a game.

Silly Mammo2301d ago

It's kind of sad, but I'll actually wait for the two big Steam Sales to get the newer games instead of at release.

aquamala2301d ago

You get a lot more games for less $ with humble bundles

Oschino19072301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Used game and rental market is way bigger on console and lets stop pretending everyone on console buys all games brand new and at full retail price.

Heck almost every place for launch of new systems had deals and discounts like b2g1 and money back in site/store credit on brand new/recently released games.

Steam and other PC distributors aren't the only companies in the world that have deals, sales or discounts.

MidnytRain2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )


PC games get cheaper in less time than console games. You can buy Tomb Raider (2013) for 7 dollars on Amazon right now. Even when the prices are almost the same, the PC version might be a bit cheaper.

Look up just about any game on Amazon, for example, and you'll find the PC version is significantly cheaper than other versions, especially if they have a physical copy.

stragomccloud2301d ago

Humble bundles are amazing!

Anyway, digital releases of PC games are cheaper than buying used games.

sinspirit2301d ago

So, he makes PC games $40 and console games $60 in the graph, when many PC games are still $60, and it's up to the gamers what to buy. If you want to do a comparison of a cheaper platform then you need specific examples of games that launch cheaper on PC, which, these days, tend to be the same price as their console version.

And then, there's Humble Bundle, which I am surprised he didn't brag about. He also didn't mention PS Plus's guaranteed content every month for all PS platforms, which results in a lot of games and other goodies, even for one platform.

Seriously, flawed argument. The thing about PC is it has its benefits, and the consumer can configure their purchase for themselves and their budget. It doesn't need justification and more articles repeating the same crap. There isn't one gaming platform. You can enjoy just PC if you want but I will enjoy my PC, 3DS, and, hopefully, a PS4 one day. I definitely enjoyed my PS3 when I had one. They have exclusives and that is what matters, not game prices, and $60 for a game isn't bad at all if it's a really good game. 8-bit games made in way shorter times with way less people ended up higher than that price.

jackanderson19852301d ago

i don't think i've ever seen a PC game launch at the same price as a console game... now i'm from ireland so we've the euro but South Park was €25 euro to buy at it's cheapest (and immediate access) for the PC, while the cheapest console version I found was €55... now this was based on the fact it'd be immediate access (as in own the game there and then not including download times) so maybe I could have gotten the console version cheaper had i bought from the US or China for example but there'd be serious lag time on that.

also on Steam, most new releases will have some sorta significant discount within 6 months

Naitron2301d ago

PC games are released cheaper to incentivize people from bootlegging.

aquamala2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

^^ no they are cheaper because there are no console licensing fees , which is probably around $10 per console game.

sinspirit2301d ago

There are still many big games that release for $60 on PC and the trend is getting more popular to make an extra buck. Still, you're more likely to get it cheaper on PC if at all, but I generally wouldn't buy a game on console unless it is an exclusive, otherwise I do all my gaming on PC. If I had a PS3, Vita, or PS4 and Plus that would be a whole other thing because it gives you generally great games and other content for a few bucks a month. I want consoles because I want their exclusives. That's how it works for me. I love many of the Sony and Nintendo exclusives.

Parhelion692301d ago

Titanfall costs 60 bucks on Origin for instance, just check the store and you'll see

starchild2300d ago

Yeah but those full priced games on PC are the exception. Most games have much lower prices. For example I preordered Thief and got it for only $33 dollars.

As someone who games on both PC and consoles there is simply no doubt that games are cheaper on PC.

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Losso-Oso2301d ago

I agree with pretty much everything you said. The fact is, that you could build a gaming rig with about the same capabilities of the PS4 for about 500 to 600 USD, you could bring that price down a little by purchasing some seriously iffy and low quality components, but then you run the risk of shoddy hardware failing on you.

Steam does have some pretty sweet sales, actually saying that those sales are pretty sweet doesn't do them justice, those sales are pretty freaking awesome, but you know what, for the last few years I have noticed that Sony has some pretty freaking awesome sales on PSN as well.

They don't quite match Steam sale prices but they get close, pretty close if you ask me. Initial game prices I can't argue with, the games are usually a little cheaper when launched new, but the difference is not astonomical and can usually be attributed to the fact that PCs don't have to have parity with brick and mortar stores like consoles do.

If consoles didn't have to keep the brick and mortar shops happy, I gurantee you that we would see cheaper day one prices for digital copies of games, which is usually about a ten dollar difference.

Optimization is an issue in PC gaming. Anyone that has ever PURCHASED early access to a game on Steam, or PURCHASED a game under Steam Greenlight initiative, can tell you, if they're honest, that a great deal of those games are either broken and unplayeable, straight up rip offs from other succesful games and might never move beyond that stage, in other words they will probably never get patch by the developer, it is usually up to the community to take care of such things. Not all games mind you, but a great deal of them.

Also when building a PC, no one ever takes into account the price of Windows, Digital Foundry didn't do it, Rev3games dind't do it also, most guides out there that I have found don't do it either. The excuse is that you can always install Linux for free, or the new one, SteamOS is free.

Well, 90% if not more, of the Steam Library isn't available for Linux, so you need Windows, which will run you another $100 bucks at least.

SteamPowered2301d ago

PC gaming is like anything else in life. If you can afford better components, you usually get a better experience. A lamborgini and Honda Civic may do the same function, but lets face it, the Lambo will get you there faster and with style. Same goes with gaming. People are salty about the PC master-race, but hey, you get what you pay for.

Oschino19072301d ago

If the Civic can bring my friends along with me and is way easier to maintain and upkeep. Heck I could even buy a second Civic so me and another friend could race around together with our own machines and even a total noob to driving could handle it with ease.

SteamPowered2301d ago

Everyone has different priorities. All my friends drive Lamborgini's (PC) and a wicked track to play on (Steam). As long as you support the games you play, thats all that matters.

s45gr322301d ago

You can even turn your civic into a Lamborghini.

Hazmat132301d ago

i would like to go on pc gaming hardcore. but well i grew up on PS, also consoles are plug in and play.

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