Top 5 Features Missing from Titanfall

Titanfall is closing out it’s first week after going live on March 11th and we here at PowerLeveled have been playing the hell out of this game. PowerLeveled has had a lot of fun diving into our Titans and showing our dominance as pilots. It’s safe to say that PowerLeveled has gained a lot of experience from this play and have learned more about what the game is lacking. So PowerLeveled has compiled a list of what we think are the top 5 features you won’t find in Titanfall.

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Jacktrauma3244d ago

Leveling perks would be pretty sweet not gonna lie, but if were just gonna focus on multi-player, we definitely should get customization in there..

Stevefantisy3244d ago

I stink at games like this but it looks so fun.

mhunterjr3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

One of the best things about titan fall is that even if you suck and lose all the time, you can still have fun. It's taking me quite a while to learn the maps, and while I I've encountered players much worse than me, I'm a bit rusty at shooters since I haven't played competitively for a while. But I've been able to steadily improve my skills against better competition with out ever feeling frustrated.

Audiggity3244d ago

Agree w/ mhunterjr... some nights I'm off, other nights I'm on... but I'm always having a good time. I've come close to last place and had a ton of fun doing it.

Reminds me of the old-school TRIBES games on PC in the sense that this is always entertaining, but when you're in the 'groove' - you are unstoppable.

3-4-53244d ago

Decent game but not enough guns.

JoeIsMad3244d ago

Thank you! The story is obviously the most glaring issue with Titanfall.

Audiggity3244d ago

Yeah, but, there are robots that you can get inside of!

JoeIsMad3244d ago

#MechWarrior #PrepareFor1995

Audiggity3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Yes! The mid-90's are finally here, this will be gnarly. Dewd, can you mail me any of those AOL Online trial CDs? I know you have a lot. I sold a bunch of mine to buy the new Green Day album.

MechWarrior! Yes! Got the new dial-up ready to go. I'll read the most recent issue of Spawn while I'm waiting to log-in.

#90sNausea #EraseThe90s #TheEndOfOurCountryBeganInThe9 0s

BX813244d ago

Wish you could rename your classes. I like that the game is kind of basic in choices like MW. This way there isn't one class that's out of control.

AKissFromDaddy3244d ago

It's really missed. When it's not there, it's become obvious that just changing the name of our class setups is needed.

Tedakin3244d ago

I do wish you actually got something for regenerating other than a little badge. A new perk of some kind would've been nice.

JoeIsMad3244d ago

I actually always figured that the badge was enough. You get a nice XP boost, and the noobs get to learn their place. It's the exact same way in Call of Duty, except that in Titanfall it isn't as easy as simply leveling to [X] level - you have objectives. Once you get the objectives done it really separates you from the guys who have played a ton, and those with actual skills.

Magnus7013244d ago

But it really doesn't. Anyone can just play enough to get through any generation. All the objectives are kill X in X scenario X times. It really does not denote any amount of skill. And yeah, you get an XP do what you just did all over again. I just don't get excited at completing a generation. Also, leveling goes by extremely fast in this game as it is. Probably already a bunch on 10th gens out there that have all the same weapons and abilities that a 1st gen has. The only thing it really means is that you invested X amount of time into this game.

mhunterjr3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I'm actually glad that a badge is all you get. Gaining a level of prestige simply means that you play a lot. I don't think folks should get to upset the balance of the game with extra perks simply because they have more free time in their hands.

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