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While the campaign may be lacklustre, the overall multiplayer experience in Titanfall is amazing, and this is what the game was designed for. With a simple premise, balanced gameplay and a satisfactory range of game modes to select from, Titanfall stands out as one of the most enjoying and easy to play titles in the FPS genre.

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Edward752301d ago

It's safe to say that this is a great game. If you take away the xbox loving sites, and the Sony loving sites, you know what.... It's sitting where it should be. Great game.

4Sh0w2301d ago

Yep it is and that's why the great reviews keep rolling in.

andibandit2301d ago

Havent tried it yet, but my friends have begun playing it so i need to get on that train, too bad i cant afford it until the end of the month.

2301d ago