Rumored Amazon game console might stream PC games

GameDynamo - "The long-rumored set top box/game console Amazon supposedly has in development might, according TechCrunch, be capable of streaming PC games"

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OC_MurphysLaw2303d ago

If somehow Amazon manages to get streaming PC games right and its a viable service... Steam / Valve could face their first serious competitor in the PC space in a long, long time.

Daniel_Potter2303d ago

Not really
Steam's latest "In Home Streaming", allows any computer to stream. You don't even have to buy their product unlike Amazon's console or Nvidia Shield, you just need the Steam Client to stream between the 2 machines. It's still in beta though.

Soldierone2303d ago

IF (big IF) Amazon does this and is serious about it, there is nothing stopping them from spreading it. They are good at getting their service out there, and just giving their stand alone products a slight edge.

Kindle is available on pretty much every device there is, but you get discounts and free rentals on Kindle readers.

You can stream their movies to anything, but again its more geared to Kindle and their products.

Music cloud was built for Kindle, but runs off PC.

I honestly didn't notice a difference until I got a Kindle Fire. Which is good in a way. Nothing stopping them from offering a streaming service for games too, but give their device an added little bonus. Which would basically complete their entertainment adventure (books, music, movies, games)

It would make for a hell of a service if they did this and then started pushing their services further instead of adding new branches. Imagine paying 99 dollars a year and getting all of this, and content is more updated than it is today.

Crossbones2303d ago

I might buy this if it can play PC games.

Kayant2303d ago

Interesting shame it will be limited to 30fps.

The tech sounds a lot like what MS say they can do will azure. I await to see if MS can do what they said they can with the exclusives in future.

WatDoesTheStarFoxSay2303d ago

I love Amazon, so they can just take my money now because they're almost always guaranteed to deliver.

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