MP1st | Titanfall Review – Did The Hype Train Deliver?

MP1st - Now that gamers are no longer ‘standing by for Titanfall’, does Respawn's new IP live up to that hype?

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4Sh0w2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

It certainly did, its a refreshing fps compared to big name IP's like BF and COD. I own all 3 this gen on X1 and Titanfall imo is by far the best.

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Convas2306d ago

It did in spades. Only when you randomly call down a Titan in the middle of a firefight and it crushes an enemy Titan and Pilot that blundered into the way accidentally, can you truly understand the greatness that is TitanFall.

BlackTar1872306d ago

Good review i like MP1st. Although i already play this game MP1st is a website i tend to trust when it's about MP games.

maybe it's cuz it's in the name but i do enjoy this website.

Deserves the score. It's a great game.

-Alpha2306d ago

It's a great website--my favourite one that isn't one of the bigger gaming sites. I really like that they are on top of multiplayer news. No B.S. flamebait articles, straight news, good reviews.

ddgaming8202306d ago


Unlike other sites such as.

LordDhampire2306d ago

Pretty good review, I personally would give it a 4/5 or 8/10, while very fun it just doesn't seem to have enough content, the customizations both character and weaposns are very lacking nithing making me feel unique, titans should have different looks.

Leveling in the game is way to fast I just don't get the feeling that this game will keep my attentiin longer than a month at best, and I don't play it religiously, if it was a $40 it would be 9/10 because the content would match the price but at $ 60 I feel like all these reviews are bandwagoners and that I've been cheated by EA