Does Titanfall Justify the Hype?

Titanfall isn’t perfect, but by keeping the emphasis on getting the fundamentals right, Respawn have created one of the most brilliantly balanced shooters of our time, a game of a hundred and one little battles, one in which the hardcore and the casual can compete on the same battlefield.

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Naga2305d ago

I honestly didn't think it would, but it does.

Goku7812305d ago

There is nothing revolutionary about this game. Its just call of duty with robots and a touch of unreal tournament. Revolutionary would have been taking something like Xenogears premise style fighting and story, then quick paced virtua on style battles. Instead we got this district 9 like game that isnt even as kool as that movie was. Even a game with story set up like that would have been better than corporation call of duty.

TheRedButterfly2305d ago

Clearly you haven't played it.

antz11042305d ago

District 9? I mean........really? Lol did you even see the movie?

Revolutionary is a hard word to use. These days it's difficult to find games that don't echo techniques or gameplay another title has used. Plus it doesn't have to be revolutionary to justify hype, it just has to be fun.

I trust Angry Joe, and he says it's hella fun.

Boody-Bandit2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

And Angry Joe gave TF a 7.
A 7 does not live up to the hype but than again nothing could live up to the level of hype this game received. Especially considering it's online only, lacks modes, has a tacked on campaign that's more of a tutorial of how to play the game and introduce you to the maps, needs more content overall and has performance issues.

There is no doubt it's a fun game but I think it would've been better served if Respawn was given more time to develop it. Overall the game feels rushed and unpolished. Seriously. Can you imagine if Respawn would've just shot for 720p locked 60fps, a full single player campaign with a great story, 15 different online modes, more weapons and full customization? If that would've happened this game could've redefined the genre.

Personally I'm from the camp of I wish the bots weren't in it but if all the other bench marks I listed were hit I wouldn't mind as much.

antz11042304d ago

Yeah, but you have to realize you're picturing "the perfect game". I think thats asking a little too much.

Plus Joe rates his 7 as very good.

urwifeminder2305d ago

I never take notice of stories in games usually , so this and PVZ are really my cup of tea , remedy are a company that can at least get me to play single player lol.

B1uBurneR2305d ago

Yes from most who played it, No from mostly .... the guys on the other platform

ger23962305d ago

Ill find out on the 25th.

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