Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes: The Complete Review |

Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a prologue to the full Metal Gear Phantom Pain game. The main campaign is very short taking us just under two hours to complete but the time factor really does depend on your style of play and level of skill. Despite the short campaign there really is still quite a lot to do once you complete the main story, giving you much more hours of fun ahead.

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henrythomas2842306d ago

A very good lengthy detailed review on what is a very short game. Good insight however though I think i may just pass on this one, or wait for it to appear on PS plus.

s8anicslayer2306d ago

Or wait until it drops to 14.99 usd or below,That 29.99 price is ludicrous and to think that Konami originally priced this demo at 39.99 almost makes me want to never support anything with their name on it! I'm quite surprised that Kojimasan was Ok with this.

hay2304d ago

Definitely worth waiting for a price drop. Am just after completing all the missions, and... Don't even know where to start describing why.

patelsanjeed2306d ago

Its a shame this is only based on single map, but I am a Metal Gear Fan, so gonna get this regardless of the price when it drops this friday.

04STIBluByU2306d ago

It comes out Tuesday 3-18-14 here in America. Are you outside of America or are you just waiting for payday? I didn't want you to miss out.

richierich2306d ago

I think 29.99 is a bit much for this considering its length

BX812306d ago

Damn 2 hrs? I'm going to pick it up since I don't have anything to play on my ps4. I traded in kz, I thought it was lame. I'm going to make this my first platinum trophy, lol.

Luke_fon_Fabre2306d ago

Unfortunately, there's no platinum trophy.

Skate-AK2306d ago

Yep. Sorry man. No platinum.

BX812306d ago

Lol. Nooo. I swear I'll never get one. It's only fitting to make my 1st one with the uncharted series. Love those games. ND hasn't let me down yet.

Killzoner992305d ago

You traded in KZ? That was dumb.

BX812304d ago

Keeping kz is dumb. You see what I did there?

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Purpleeyeblack2306d ago

$29.99 is a lot for what I consider a pre phantom pain's DLC

Luke_fon_Fabre2306d ago

Yeah. It is. I think DLC better describes it than 'demo'.

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