Is Virtual Reality a Gimmick? - Sessler's ...Something

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam discusses the future of virtual reality, its presence at GDC, and the potential it has to introduce new genres of games more dependent on exploration and storytelling than combat and action.

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Fireseed2302d ago

Before we get any people in here proclaiming "Oh Sessler calling VR a gimmick after defending the Kinect" without watching the video... he says it's not a gimmick. Just fyi.

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darthv722302d ago

I've personally wanted home VR after watching the Lawnmower Man when it debuted. Sega and Atari were working on some VR projects for their platforms at one time but scrapped the ideas.

with the reinvention of 3D recently and the reception it has received. I hope VR fairs better but in order to do that it has to be at that mass market price point. Not to mention that i would rather the tech be used to its ability than become another dumping ground for cheap quick cash in on the idea.

Many great projects start out with good intentions until someone figures they can make $$ off it real quick and then....the idea gets overrun by stuff that isnt warranted and in the end, it devalues the original idea to the point where people resent it.

I dont want that to happen to VR, i like the concept.

RadioActiveTwinky2302d ago

Damn, you could of said spoiler alert atleast.

badz1492302d ago

I was kinda expecting he would say that it's a gimmick or fad now that Sony is said to be dipping their hands in it and about to come out with their own solution. but...guess not, ha?

honestly, not just Sessler, but the gaming journalist as a whole, I expect, there will be haters when (if?) Sony ever announce or release their VR headset, will be contradicting what most of them were saying when Oculus Rift came out saying it's a "revolution" or "the next best thing"!

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HighResHero2302d ago

I'm surprised he can find time away from playing Gone Home to make these insightful videos.

Bhuahahaha2302d ago

vr+porn =sessler in heaven

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urwifeminder2302d ago

Yes very much a virtual gimmick.

DanteVFenris6662302d ago

The headset alone maybe, but combined it with the omni and it becomes something more

WeAreLegion2302d ago

Agreed, Sessler. VR is not a gimmick. The possibilities are limitless. It's more than just a new way to play. This is the next evolution of gaming. Tons of new mechanics will be introduced that were not possible without VR. If you haven't tried the Oculus Rift, please do. It's wonderful. I can't wait to get the retail version. I'll be picking up Sony's, as well. I love VR!

starchild2302d ago

I, too, have used the Rift and it really is a game changer. I have no doubt that VR is going to be a big part of the future of gaming. The possibilities both for gaming and non-gaming applications are vast.

SteamPowered2302d ago

I am so envious of you two enjoying the Rift! I too believe this is a game changer. I hope they can include some media support as well. Maybe simulate a big-screen so kids and teenagers can play movies in their rooms and offices. It would definitely help push it past VR gimmick as its been referred to.

desertpunk862302d ago

i love you sessler you make me sizzle!!!

ColonelRex2302d ago

"Is Virtual Reality a Gimmick?"

Yes it is. Just like Kinect and the Wii is. Its just another attempt to get extra sales from casual and non gamers.

darx2302d ago

That's it right there! Casuals! Casuals will not be buying the VR headsets that we have been seeing.

JoGam2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Im going to use the money I saved by switching to Geico to get the VR headset when it drops. Day one baby.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2302d ago

Having tried the Oculus Rift I can tell you for a fact it's definitely not a gimmick, but a major enhancement to the gaming experience.

Bernlock2302d ago

Of coarse it is a gimmick. Its not different than the kinect. Only this time its not bundled with a console and probably at a 400 dollar price point

dcj05242302d ago

Guessing you never used the Oculus rift?

DigitalRaptor2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Yep, cause those who are already building fantastic, immersive gaming experiences with Oculus Rift are casual and non-gamers. And those who invested in buying it and supporting it are also non-gamers and casuals. /s

These people are PC gamers looking to enhance their current experiences in ways that truly matter. Casual and non-gamers don't and never will do that. You cannot sell VR to those people - VR is not shiny and dazzling enough for that fickle audience, and comes at a cost they are not willing to invest in.

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