Anita Sarkeesian Publicly Addresses FanArt Controversy

Anita Sarkeesian addresses her use of fanart in the Women vs. Tropes series.

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TheDevil15inallofus2298d ago

Anyone can do this experiment for themselves: Google "Princess Daphne," select 'images', and then go to visit page for that image in question. The image in question is clearly associated with CowKitty in the only reference I can find.

FemFreq making "a point to try not to use fan art" is a bullshit claim. Either that or FemFreq are a bunch of idiots who can't cite works properly; which is not terribly surprising. What a bunch of a charlatans.

And of course, couldn't let any public commentary get released without some mention of death threats or rape for self-victimization.... [barf]