Is Infamous Second Son the best of its genre ?

In this article I share my views on whether if Infamous Second Son is the best game of its genre (type). There are discussions on gameplay tactics and some similar open world games that were released in the previous year on multi platforms.

I also share my opinion on what makes Infamous Second Son so special. Did you make a clever choice of getting a ps4 ?

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ZodTheRipper2304d ago

I definately hope so and I saw lots of posts on GAF claiming that it's at least the best inFamous yet.

exnoob2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Infamous second son and Batman Arkham Knight will definitely be the top two best super hero games that have come in the past year or so, and I just can't wait for both of them to release. I do wish that Rocksteady would consider making a Flash game though, that would just be so awesome.

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arika2304d ago

From what I have seen in the net so far, it seems like its the best when it comes to graphics and gameplay. Regarding its genre its main competition are new batman AK and a new prototype games if ever they make one, since none of them are out yet, so for now infamous SS is king.

NewMonday2304d ago

My nephew skipped school to play this game

He tells me it's the best open world game after GTA5

hulk_bash19872304d ago

We will find out in 3 days. But all the previews point to it being a lot of fun and more infamous is awesome in my book.

-Foxtrot2304d ago

Not had much competition though has it

We've had Prototype but that was crap, the sequel was aswell.....same city, a lot of Activions games

Ninver2304d ago

Goes to show the industry is in serious need of more games in its genre. Shooters will kill this industry if things continue the way they are.

mkis0072304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

So true. I wish more devs took chances. It is why we are lucky to have such a strong indie presence

mkis0072304d ago

I kinda liked dicking around in protoype 2. I like infamous more for the whole package. But prototype was kinda fun for the same reason just cause 2 was...just playing woth the game world toys. I think infamous second son will have that fun plus good story and acting.

Omegasyde2304d ago

Crackdown, Saint Row 4 (just 4!), Archam City are valid competition.

To lesser degree City of Hero's/villains and DC universe online can be semi-comparable.

zeuanimals2304d ago

There were a ton of Spiderman games. Spiderman 2 was the best superhero game until Infamous and Batman Arkham Asylum.

Outside_ofthe_Box2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

I haven't played Second Sun so I can't say that it is or isn't the best of it's genre. Going off the past though, I've enjoyed Arkham City over Infamous. Arkham City had everything, great gameplay, great story, and a good amount of non repetitive side missions, while Infamous on the other hand had great gameplay and a decent story, but the side missions were repetitive. Both lacked the city feeling alive and bustling though. Obviously Arkham City's reasoning for this was that it's story related (Arkham Knight is going to have it's citizens evacuated as part of the story so that will be the excuse again for the up coming third installment, "Oh how very convenient for them!" >_>), Infamous has no excuse in this regard though.

All of that said Second Sun is looking to be the best Infamous yet. I wasn't all too excited about it when it was first revealed as I'm not a huge fan of the series, but the gifs and videos that have been released/leaked lately has got me looking forward to it. The gameplay looks to be extremely fun and the story, according to people that have seen the first 20 minutes, looks to be promising as well. The city does seem livelier than the previous Infamous games as well. All that is left are the details on those side missions which I hope aren't too repetitive. If the side missions are done right, Second Sun should be the best Infamous yet.

S2Killinit2304d ago

its definitely the best open world superhero game along with Batman Arkham City

pakua2304d ago

What? The game isn't out?

S2Killinit2303d ago

Im going by the previous iterations.

Sketchy_Galore2304d ago

When you've not played it it's a fair question.
When we've not played it it's a decent way to start a review.
When neither of us have played it's,,,,, let's be honest, it's a bit of a silly question.

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