Top 7 Most Watchable Video Game Movies

Video game movies have the dubious distinction of not yet producing what many would consider a "Good" movie yet, but that doesn't mean that audiences around the world haven't been entertained by them. Nerds on the Rocks looks at the 7 most watchable video game adaptions to date.

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Spurg2302d ago

Errmmm....Silent hill was pretty decent as well.

GameTavern2302d ago

It was. And right outside the list. I think the problem is pure horror films are harder to recommend on sheer entertainment factor.

Resident Evil mixes it up with action and cheese

2302d ago
nope1112302d ago

I though it was pretty good too. The sequel? not so much, though i did like the Downpour and Origins reference.

rextraordinaire2302d ago

Video game or not, Silent Hill is a personal horror movie favourite of mine.

I'm surprised it is not on the list.

Neonridr2302d ago

Street Fighter was absolutely horrible. I am sure Raul Julia is rolling over in his grave that this piece of trash is what the world will remember him by.

Tekken?? yeesh, you would have to be drunk to enjoy that movie. Dead or Alive is just as bad/cheesy.

Other than that, in my opinion, the rest of the list is worth watching.

GameTavern2302d ago

I probably should have noted, I was drunk for watching all of these...

Neonridr2302d ago

lol. Don't get me wrong, sometimes cheesy can turn out good. Just not in the cases of those two movies..

"Quick! Change the channel!" - Zangief

George Sears2302d ago

Raul Julia was the only good thing that came out of the Street Fighter movie.

WeAreLegion2302d ago

Super Mario Bros. is very watchable. It's ridiculous, but it's watchable. Very entertaining. :)

My favorite video game movie is Silent Hill. Even without the source material, it's a great film.

Prince of Persia sucked. Hard.

Blaze9292302d ago

I loved that Prince of Persia movie. lol i was shocked to hear so many people didn't.

Nerdmaster2302d ago

I really liked it, too. I even bought it in Blu-ray.

GameTavern2302d ago

I enjoy it too.
I think the problem with the movie is people probably expected more with the talent and money invested into it.

Porcelain_Chicken2302d ago

I didn't hate Super Mario Bros. but it's something I never wanna watch again. Loved SH, SH2 was a guilty-pleasure (Maybe because i love anything SH related XD).

And i second Blaze929's comment, I loved the Prince of Persia movie. I'm really bummed out about the negative fan reception. And that it barely broke even. It was really good, it did a good job of copying the exact PoP1 story but molding it into something new. I was able to appreciate the effort. Still, no PoP: WW movie. Dammit.

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Loadedklip2302d ago

Street Fighter is "watchable" ???

What a terrible list.

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The story is too old to be commented.