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Microsoft releases it’s own stereo headset for the Xbox One and after some extended time with it we find that the end product is a pretty good dollar value for those who want a headset for the Xbox One.

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OC_MurphysLaw2309d ago

I ended up getting a set of these versus just getting the adapter for a set of older Turtle Beach X41's. I had torn the ear cups on my X41's so it was either spend $40 for an adapter and replacement ear cups or buy these for $80. I wasn't thrilled with the X41's... hated how the batteries would just up and die with no real way of knowing how much time you have left other than the crackling noise would get louder and there was still a bit of a hiss with those headphones. So I decided to grab these.

Pleasantly surprised by the sound given these headsets use no batteries and only plug into the controller. Its true they are not the 5.1 surround sound experience but I found that with my X41's I really didn't notice the 5.1 difference anyway. Bass is pretty decent, and you can adjust the chat vs game sound separately. As a low cost entry headset these are pretty sweet.

cl19832309d ago

Have you noticed any difference in battery life since using this head set.

OC_MurphysLaw2309d ago

To be honest no. I played a few hours Thurs, Friday and a good chunk of day on Sat on the same set of batteries and the indicator still showed 3/4 full. How accurate that is I don't know but overall battery life seams to still be really good on the controller.

Chanogram2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

As Dlacy said above, the battery life is still really really good even with these headphones.

I got my titanfall controller on tuesday, and put the normal duracell alkaline batteries that came with it into the controller and played at LEAST 12-15 hours with those batteries and the headset connected the whole time.

MS did an amazing job with power management in these controllers. Giant step up from last gen in that regard.

Fireseed2309d ago

Would you say the trade off between the X41 and these was worth it in terms of sound quality? Got a pair of X41s myself and was debating about buying the adapter.

Chanogram2309d ago

I know you werent asking me, but i can provide a little input. I have the X42s, and also got the stereo headset from this article. i think the overall sound quality from the new stereo headset is comparable to the x42s. I did notice that the lower range (bass) is somewhat distorted on my x42's, but i think that is an optical out issue that will be fixed soon.

People have complained of voice sounding a bit garbled at times when the person is using the adapter with old headsets. I have one friend on XBL that uses turtle beaches and the adapter, and i can confirm that it doesnt sound quite right. MS said they are looking into it and will probably have a firmware fix for it soon.

All in all, i'd recommend the new stereo headsets over the x42s. I believe the 41s and 42s are similar. The build quality and comfort level on the MS headset is twice as good as the turtle beach x42. Sound quality is comparable, with a little better sounding range on the MS stereo. If you dont NEED surround sound, i would definitely recommend the stereo headset. Plus you get the adapter with the headset, so you can still use your turtle beaches if you want to try them. You'll just need to pick up a 2.5 - 3.5 converter corde from somewhere as the headset doesnt come with that piece (it's not needed).

Fireseed2309d ago


Thanks a ton dude, definitely gonna be picking up a pair of these then!

OC_MurphysLaw2309d ago

The sound quality is pretty on par for me. I think the bass boost the X41's had is better but these still pack a nice punch which surprised me as I feared they might be a little "tinny". Voice wise my friends said I was crystal clear so to me thats a big improvement. Lastly having to only worry about the battery charge in the controller is so nice. 2 AA batteries (I use the enelopes) runs my controller and headset.

ThanatosDMC2309d ago

Buy a PS Gold Headset. You'll love it.

Outlaw19862309d ago

I read something saying these work on the Xbox one with the adapter.
Also I just ordered the turtle beach XO sevens. Should be in tomorrow!!! Planning to use those with my ps4 also.

WeAreLegion2309d ago

If you have both systems, get the Gold headset for PS4. It works on the XBO, as well, with the adapter. You can't beat that virtual 7.1 at that price, either. It's fantastic!

OC_MurphysLaw2309d ago

I wonder if these would work on the PS4 too. The headset has a 3.5 ml jack that plugs into MS's adapter so in theory you could plug these into the PS4 controller and you should get sound and chat.

ThanatosDMC2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

You beat me to it.


It works on the PS4


What about the Astro A50's? Are they worth getting, over either of these headsets? I am in the market for a pair.

OC_MurphysLaw2309d ago

Well considering the MS pair cost $80 and are good quality I think you need to weigh in on what you need out of your headsets.

The PS4 gold set is $100, the A50's are $200+ and MS offers in at $80.

to be honest unless you truly need (and I mean need it for competative reasons) high-end 7.1 with all the bells and whistles I think there are better options to be had than the A50.

CYCLEGAMER2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Thanks for the input! I am looking for something that is a jack of all trades, I travel a lot so they will be used for much more than gaming I could get the A50'S for around $130. I guess my question is, are the A50's that much of a better headset than the other cheaper options?

Outlaw19862309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )


I just ordered the Turtle Beach XO Seven and I like those because they are surround sound headset. And I think one of the advantages of those are not having to charge them since they run off the controller battery and not having to hook anything up to your tv since it gets the audio feed from the controller also. It has the same speakers as the turtle beachs that are in the $250 price range. It will work with the ps4 and Xbox one out of the box. With the ps4 gold headset it is stereo and will raise the price $25 to get that adapter you will need to work with the Xbox one. I think another thing the other headsets over this one are comfort. The XO sevens that I'm getting has memory foam around the ears and the rest is leather.
Edit: I can't wait for my new headset to come in tomorrow! :)

user95970822309d ago

Not sure if this is an error due to the firmware update for the controller or for using the sterio adapter but has anyone experienced an issue where their controller will just randomly disconnect from their console? It started happening to me the day after I bought the stereo adapter. My batteries are never anywhere near dead either when it happens.

Aside from that I really like the adapter.

famoussasjohn2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

I have. I've been reviewing Reddit and this appears to be an issue with the controller update. Polk Audio also posted an update about this as well and we should have a new controller update within a week or so addressing this issue. The issue is very random, it didn't happen yesterday luckily, but the day before it happened once after about 4-5 hours of Titanfall.

HugoDrax2309d ago

Yes...I have the XO7 Turtle Beach headset. It's happened to me 3x playing Titanfall in the middle of a match lol. Luckily, I've never been killed in between. I just hurry to remove one battery from my controller, pop it back in and turn controller back on. Then I'm good to go...Also during the disconnection there is a serious buzzing sound coming through my headset.

Not sure if it's a software issue? controller firmware issue? or something to do with the amount of action happening on the screen in Titanfall. Bye the way, in a span of 35-40 hours of playtime, my controller has only disconnected 3x.....I'm currently a Generation 3.

bam37372309d ago

Yea i use my pulse elites sound great playing titanfall highly reccomend these