Watch_Dogs has "Endless" Content, Whole City Unlocked Since the Beginning

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the length of games, and looks like in Watch_Dogs you won’t run out of stuff to do even after completing the game, and you'll have access to the whole city from the beginning, as mentioned by Creative Director Jonathan Morin.

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SuperBlur2306d ago

"Chicago is free of access like a normal city. But you need to work to monitor it all…"

kind of like the radio tower in Far Cry 3, i guess.. i will hack every bit of the city before tackling the story :)

Abriael2306d ago

Haha, that's exactly what I did in FarCry 3. I was totally OCD with it. Though you did have to progress in the story to access the second island there.

I do like that the whole city is accessible in Watch Dogs since the start.

SuperBlur2306d ago

Once i had unlocked my first tower , felt like the map looked terrible and i just HAD to go unlock th.. omg i have OCD!

Abriael2306d ago

It was the same for infamous for instance. I had to do all the side missions to free city blocks as soon as i saw any, screw the story lol.

CrossingEden2306d ago

Glad to know that I wasn't the only one who did this. Kinda broke the game, OP weapons after the first mission! >:) Did the same thing in Assassin's creed 4, glad to see ubisoft offer these open world experiences.

Audiggity2306d ago

I am guilty of the exact same order of operations in FC3. Haha. Couldn't help it.

Razputin2306d ago

Same here, I like simple games like Far Cry 3 that its easy to get a lot of things on your first go.

I was able to get all the major unlockables and fully upgrade all weapons and stuff.

This game looks extremely promising, I just hope Ubisoft can deliver with this and The Division for PC.

Their recent games mainly Ghost Recon Future Soldier was a huge failure to me. I was highly looking forward for that one also.

2306d ago
OculusRift2306d ago

Having OCD isn't funny.. It's a serious condition and you shouldn't say you have a mental issue like that. What you where doing is called perfectionism or you just had a great devotion.

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GamerDad19872306d ago

I'm so stoked for this game!

Niv2306d ago

Hope I ain't gna be spammed with crappy missions

Eldyraen2306d ago

Most will likely be run of the mill crimes we see in every open world games.

However if done right even simple things like purse snatching could turn into something bigger. I just hope AI isn't all one trick ponies (nearly every game has a set number of mostly scripted crimes--muggers that stay on foot the whole time for example being most common).

I want AI that tries to adapt so goes from on foot to vehicular or vice versa as makes chases more natural. Secondly I think crime should be independent of your proximity to it (as in less crimes which require you to initiate them). Games like this could easily have a "police scanner app" or something similar where more than one crime could be going on at one time and have to decide what to stop or even act the cop and try to get ahead of the action. I'm not just talking about WD though as a lot of future open world games need to look into how to make the worlds feel more real.

I love the way they look and play and think AI and a "believable world" focus should be a big focus nowadays.

It would help push some of more standard crimes/missions forward as not all purses archers act the same, fellow drivers (or even pedestrians) during a chase would react in different ways, etc which would make common missions feel more unique.

Gozer2306d ago

GTA, Red Dead Redemtion both do this well. They could have a hit with WD. 35-40 hour game is worth a shot if it reviews decent.

Grimhammer002306d ago

I see a great opportunity here in mp!
Imagine hacking your city only to lose a section to another player!

Blackleg-sanji2306d ago

This and mario kart 8 may is looking damn good

Geekman2306d ago

Why the hell did you get 2 disagrees? *Facepalm.*

DCfan2306d ago

Meh, those "Endless" content are no match for what Sega have done with Yakuza

DaleCooper2306d ago

What was the endless content in Yakuza? I'm just wondering, I haven't played that series.

DCfan2306d ago

Everything. Characters, story, the city, they did everything right.

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