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"Titanfall is more than just a Call of Duty with mechs."

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Axios22300d ago

Love the title, only butthurt ignoramuses spout that garbage

Gazondaily2300d ago

Well people on here say that in an attempt to downplay Titanfall.

Yes it has similarities with COD but only as far as the gunplay is concerned. In that sense, Killzone Shadow Fall is very similar too. Classes, loadouts, hit markers, few shots leads to kills etc. In fact, Titanfall is more of a departure from the COD formula than KZ is really if you think about it.

People say, oh its COD with Mechs. But its also Brink. And Hawken. What?

People pretend to look at this in a very black and white manner but the reality is, Titanfall is unique in the way it melds all those styles togethe:

* It has COD's quick gunplay
* It has Brink + Mirror Edge's wallrunning elements plus more with the double jump mechanic etc
* It has Mechs that result in longer more meaningful encounters
* It has that fast pace of games like Quake and Unreal Tournament

Combine all that into a tight MP game and you have Titanfall. It takes that addictive COD formula that felt so fresh all those years ago and injects a new lease of life on it.

2300d ago
TheTowelBoy2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

Agree I was definitely sceptical till I played it. It's very fast, and something that did enjoy very much. I just wish I had better internet at my house(satellite) so I could buy/play it. Right now it's just not in the cards :/

gamedebater2300d ago

COD i great just (repetitive) now.

This is COD rebooted

As a Sony fanboy I'm glad they got something. I won't be playing it since I'm hardcore and only play hardcore games (dark souls / CS:Go)

but gewd for them.

CrossingEden2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )

"I won't be playing it since I'm hardcore and only play hardcore games"
Limiting yourself to only playing certain games known for their difficulty does not make you hardcore. Period. Get off of your high horse. Btw, this game can take a lot of skill.

xDHAV0K24x2300d ago

lmao that makes u hardcore? I guess we have different takes on what that means. Doesn't hardcore mean you play just about any genre?

gamedebater2300d ago

CS:go has a multiplayer mode in which if you lose your rank goes down and if you win your rank goes up.

The reason for my "hardcore" comment is that when you play in COD or titanfall there is no reqrd for winning.

whether u win or lose rank will always increase based on experience points. It just seems pointless to play after you've tried competitive mode in cs:go

im not saying hardcore as im the shyt but rather i need a game to offer me more than shoot and kill people in multiplayer with no reward .

thrust2300d ago

Who calls themself hardcore?

Dudebro902300d ago

Titanfall is as close to COD as Unreal Tournament is to Medal of Honor.

DFogz2300d ago

Titanfall is more than just a Call of Duty with mechs. It also has jetpacks.

mhunterjr2300d ago

Simply put, the gameplay loops present in TitanFall are vastly different and far more compleat than what's found on COD. Sure their are similarities in terms of looks and controls, but To call it COD with mechs is to do a great disservice.

First of all, that notion undermines the incredible balance that Respawn has put into the game. For every possible action, there is a a counter-action, and there are even counters to the counters . At times it almost feels lke a fighting game. It's the increased emphasis on survivabilty when compared to COD that allows this. It's not just about out shooting the opponent, but quickly out thinking him.

Then there is the networking prowess on display. Folks like to undermine the importance of the cloud on how this game operates. But simply put, when you consider the sheer number of ballistic objects being tracked (position, and velocity) at every instance, in addition to the NPCs at various levels of intelligence (grunts, specters, and titans), you realize that a p2p networking solution would have been inadequate.

It's not just a simple twitch shooter.

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