Oscar: tackling the common problems we all face growing up

Oscar stars a young girl who enters an imaginary world to escape the hardships of youth. Dave Cook speaks with developer Team Sharkeye about the unifying experience of growing pains, and the increasing depth given to child protagonists today.

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BenRage32303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

This is the best article I have read in ages. And I am not just talking about video game articles. I am fascinated with idea behind this game. And I can relate more than I want to admit with the themes being explored here. Wow.

I find the title of the game very intriguing as well. Oscar. And the game's protagonist is a female? Did I miss something or is the meaning of the title being kept under wraps for now? Tell me more.

*edit* I just read another article explaining that Oscar is the name of the female protagonist. That's an uncommon name for a girl.