Warner Bros. Has Sold 1.6 Million LEGO Games since 2013

Spencer Crossley, sales and marketing director at Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment in the UK, has pitched the LEGO franchise as a huge success, revealing that the entire LEGO games franchise has moved over a million units since 2013.

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abzdine2303d ago

Lego games are amazing, especially Lego City on Wii U.

mcstorm2303d ago

I agree Lego City was a really fun game. I am looking at getting the Movie game on the WiiU too.

abzdine2303d ago

do you know if it uses gamepad the same way as City?

mcstorm2302d ago

Im not sure but that was my thinking and the reason I was looking to pick it up on the WiiU over the xbox one.

barb_wire2302d ago


Yes, The LEGO Movie Videogame uses the GamePad.

barb_wire2303d ago

Is that all? Seems very low actually and that's across all formats as well.

Hk85karlsson2303d ago

Doesn´t seem to be the most expensive game to develop either.
I love the 2 demos though (Marvel/LEGO:The Videogame)

Skate-AK2303d ago

I actually came here to say the same thing.

Baka-akaB2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Low ? Guys it's for 2013 , against every blockbusters even like GTA ... and in the "kids" department some competition with Disney's Infinity and Skylanders ... And it's already going faster a 400+k for early 2014

i'm sure they are happy , and it will probably go higher in the following years with the hype from the Lego movie

barb_wire2303d ago

The thing is, sales wise that's terrible.. just look back at previous LEGO games, sales wise across all formats and the 2013 numbers are truely terrible.

A few examples and some of these are old now since the games don't sell anymore.

LEGO Star Wars (as of 2009) 6.7mil copies
LEGO Star Wars 2 (as of 2009) 8.2mil copies (heck, it sold 1.1mil copies on in it's opening week)

LEGO Indy 1 (as of 2012) 11mil copies
LEGO Pirates (as of 2012) 3mil copies

Maybe the LEGO have played out? (hope not, I love them, think they're amazing little time suckers and a blast to play)

But it's obvious that the sales have been declining more and more as time goes on.. I haven't found sales' figures for LotR, Batman 2, or both HP's.

Either way, won't stop me from getting 'LEGO The Hobbit' next month.. and I see TT Games has a LEGO Marvel vs DC Superheroes listed on it's wikipedia page but that hasn't been announced yet.

Baka-akaB2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Of course it's wearing out , but again you have to remember what they are going against at the holidays . besides it's only UK

--Onilink--2303d ago

yeah... seems a bit low. Probably the quote is being taken out of context and its for Nintendo platforms or something like that

vikingland12303d ago

Considering the number of consoles that seems low. 160 million+ 360's & PS3's. Not even counting PS4 & XB1 & WiiU. Those numbers can't be right.

MegaRay2303d ago

"Since 2013" i am sure WB is happy about 1.6+ million a year.

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