Stunning inFAMOUS: Second Son Animated GIF Shows the Game’s World, Plus 8 Spoiler-Free Screenshots

If you want to see an absolutely stunning animated glimpse on the world of inFAMOUS: Second Son, NeoGAF user The Grim Heaper made an animated GIF that will most probably satisfy that urge. Eight beautiful 1080p screenshots complete the picture.

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PurpatraitorMGS2299d ago

I have been waiting for month's for a week like this.

MrDreadnought2299d ago

I've been waiting forever for this game.

kratoz12092299d ago

Argh... this week is taking to long!!!!!

Naughty__Boy2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Sooo excited for the game..The Infamous series is great fun.
When does the embargo end and the reviews coming out?

TheTowelBoy2299d ago

Someone told me Thursday.

ZodTheRipper2299d ago

Thursday is correct. Can't wait to see the reviews, hopefully this gets the score it deserves ...I thought the previous games were slightly underrated.

Vegetarianshark2299d ago

@zod18 I agree and calling a game that received mostly 9 and above "underrated" is a testament on how awesome this series is.

NovusTerminus2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

I had this game in hand at Walmart after my shift and the system wouldn't let them sell it... UGH, this is unbearable... but I got Dark Souls 2 and MGSV:GZ to play still!

exnoob2299d ago

It's like Walmart enjoys teasing you, lol.

teedogg802298d ago

What sense does it make if they have a physical product on the shelf and you can't buy it? Here's a idea...keep the damn game in the back until you can actually sell it. I bet it especially sucks for those just out to purchase a game-that doesn't follow gaming news/release dates-and decides to purchase this and are told they can't.

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The story is too old to be commented.