What really happened to THQ’s unfinished games?

The true stories behind Dark Millennium Online, Red Faction: Armageddon, 1666: Amsterdam, South Park and other mysteries from the closing days of THQ, courtesy of former core games boss Danny Bilson.

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Jreca2309d ago

So no word on Dawn of War 3...

krazykombatant2309d ago

Hopefully Dawn of War: Total War !!

ATi_Elite2308d ago

I'm desperate for another Dawn Of War RTS game.

jay22309d ago

Yey more d.t news income wish there was some with insane only two games we haven't heard about I want

Mikefizzled2309d ago

That was a great interview. Props to vg247 for that.

TheRealTedCruz2308d ago

I was able to grab the tablet and game for $5 at BestBuy the Christmas before last . . .
The niece seems to enjoy it though.

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