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Is Left Behind a good enough reason to dive back into the cordyceps-infested USA? It depends. If you’re able to look past questionable pacing, conflicting tones of the segments, unfinished origin story and short completion time, then download Left Behind right now. If not, it’s best to hold out for a sequel. It’s a dangerous world in there.

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BlakHavoc2312d ago

It was a bit slow paced but I think the whole point of this DLC was to tell another story, to kind of help you understand Ellies character more. Overall some people just don't like games that aren't 100% action and gameplay, I know a few people myself that could care less about story, they skip over the cutscenes cause they just want to play. Not saying that's bad, but if you don't like games that make the story a focal point, you won't like TLOU.

ArbitorChief2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

It was a pretty meh DLC IMO, didn't nearly live up to the expectations of TLOU master piece of a campaign. Too short and there wasn't enough time for character development for me to care about the new characters. Plus it would of been nice to have more Infected sequences, I love the human AI and Infected combat scenarios, I'd love for ND to expand on that.

hulk_bash19872312d ago

SPOILER-ALERT: I guess it's all about preference as I thought that this DLC did a great job of showing how Ellie became the person she was before meeting Joel. And also shows why she holds on so strong to keeping Joel alive while he was injured. Of course you can only tell so much in a 2 hr story but I thought that it was a great look into the past of one of TLOU's central characters.

chickenface2312d ago

With the name arbitorchief and a profile picture of halo, never would have guessed you saying "it's a pretty meh DLC IMO". What an absolute suprise

ArbitorChief2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I loved how you ignored the part where I said The Last of Us campaign was a master piece and even commented on the best parts of the TLOU DLC saying ND should expand on the Infected and Human combat scenarios.

kayoss2312d ago

"Half finished story" was one of the cons.
Wtf??? Does he know that the story ends in the main game?

Ezz20132312d ago

i caught that as well
i have no idea what he means by that

but hey, the site name is ""poor taste""
soo this tells you every thing you need to know about them

SamPao2312d ago

I guess he wanted to see her friend die.
How about using some imagination mister

Kivespussi2311d ago

I think what he MEANT is that Riley turning should've been included and it was missing. I thought that way too and stil do but still the DLC was great. I just feel like it could've been a heart breaking, touching moment if ND just would've included Riley turning and Ellie slowly finding out that she isn't going to turn.

kayoss2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Ok... But that was explained in the main story. I like how they ended it in the DLC. When i was playing the DLC, i really invested myself in both characaters. It would have been really cheesy in my opinion to show ellie shooting her best friend.

stuna12312d ago

Your name fit your review!

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