999: The Novel Out Now

Grab It Magazine is reporting that Chunsoft's classic interactive story adventure 999 has just appeared on the App Store.

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iosgamer2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Pretty happy about this as I missed the DS version.

Direct iTunes link if anyone wants it = (apparently it is slowly coming online around the world)

MACHone2306d ago

This game (and its sequel) are pretty mind-blowing. If you like visual novels at all and really mind-bending, thought-provoking storylines, don't pass this up. I wonder how the novel version handles the whole "multiple endings" thing, though...

iosgamer2306d ago

Six endings right? Good question; I'll let you know when I get there.

SlappingOysters2306d ago

These choose your own adventure games are starting to come thick and fast.

iosgamer2306d ago

I recommend the Fighting Fantasy ones.