Indie Shooter Inspired By Badass Battlefield Gifs

You know, as important as it is to have games taking inspiration from classic literature, philosophy and the human spirit, sometimes it's nice to hear a developer say you know what, screw it, we made this game because we were playing two other games that were awesome.

So it is with Jetgetters, a game that's got me interested because it sounds like it's coming from the same place the once-excellent Battlefield Heroes did: breaking multiplayer shooters down to their essence, a simple hook (or two), then replacing ruined alleys with bright, colourful arenas.

Only this time the use of hooks is a little more literal.

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AKissFromDaddy2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

"JetGetters is a game that hasn't really been done before. We're not trying to follow a trend, or have any proven examples of similar games. Just Cause 2 is a single player game (with a fun yet hectic multiplayer mod), meanwhile Battlefield 3/4's crazy stunt moments are done by accident. Nobody really designed a game around stealing each other's jets mid-air. It's also a big game with lots of 3D animation/modeling/rigging work." Sounds fun.

JetGetters is a cross platform multiplayer on PC, Linux, Steambox, and Mac. The game cost around $20 on release but it $10 on it's kickstarter.

$51 nets 10 copies of JetGetters Steam key (crazy), JetGetters Soundtracks, JetGetters Closed Beta Test Access, behind the scenes look at JetGetters pre-production, early prototypes, concepts, a digital hi-res poster, and 7 other games...

No Time to Explain (out now)
Not the Robots (out now)
SpeedRunners (out in Early Access)
Spoiler Alert (coming this spring)
Fearless Fantasy (coming this spring)
BitBrawlers (unannounced)
Lovely Planet (unannounced).

JetGetter has about 20 player matches with 4 Jet classes: Scout, Heavy, Daredevil, and Support with 4 gameplay modes: Team Deathmatch, Heist, Kill the Rabbit, and Airship.

They expect a 6 month dev cycle for the game, so launching around this Holiday Season. This is of course optimistic and can shift. With the closed beta though, they expect to start that as early as summer. They want to showoff the game with glory at PAX Prime.

Personally, I'm gonna buy the $51 bundle and sell the other 9 copies for like $5.

It looks fun. What do you think?