Imperial character customization for ESO Powerleveled

The Imperial is one of the 10 playable races in Bethsada’s ESO world. The huge difference in this race is that you can play as any faction and have a few different crafting customization’s above all the other races.

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Stevefantisy2303d ago

If Wildstar would ever let me into the beta I might actually be able to say yes or no to this. But alas they have not picked me yet.

Maxor2303d ago

WildStar = Tiny Toons.

JoeIsMad2303d ago

ESO is good enough, but not as good as Skyrim.

Stevefantisy2303d ago

I have played very little of Skyrim but I do have it now so that will all change soon.

Stevefantisy2303d ago

I agree so far this game has not gripped me to the point I am ready to say its an amazing mmo but they are making some improvements that keep me watching it for sure.

Lilrizky2303d ago

I've never played an mmo before. I don't play PC games either

Would this be a good place to start since it's coming to consoles?

Stevefantisy2303d ago

Actually for a first time MMO I would say this is not a bad start especially for it being on a console. If you really like that feel of a fantasy rpg this game is filled with that. I have played so many MMO's over the years I feel like I have over saturated myself with them. But one fact for any MMO to be good is either you have friends that play with you or your willing to make friends in game. Playing an MMO by yourself can become boring very quickly. They are more about the bond you make with others filling those fantasy adventures of slaying dragons or finding epic loots.

Lilrizky2303d ago

Thanks for that.

Yes I'm a big fan of fantasy rpg like Skyrim, witcher and dragon age.
That's good advice and I'm going to take that into account and purchase it :)

Maxor2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

If this is your first MMO then prepare to say good bye to your social life, and if you're an Elder Scrolls fan then you're screwed. Take a month off from work, you're going to need it. This game will consume you.

Jacktrauma2303d ago

I cant get past the First Person aspect. It throws me off every time :(

Stevefantisy2303d ago

You can play in 3rd person but you can tell this is not the native way it was ment to be played for sure. Similar to playing oblivion or morrowind in 3rd person.