Defining Moments - For Megaton!

Continue Play's Nic Bunce takes a look back at one of the defining moments of Bethesda's seminal RPG, Fallout 3.

War? War never changes. But this town BLOWS.

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nope1112299d ago

I blew that place up more times than i can remember.

NukaCola2299d ago (Edited 2299d ago )

Only blew it up on a separate save while replaying it just for that one missable quest to capture the slaves (Yes I discovered Paradise while wondering and did that side deal the wrong way). Can't wait to see what major turning points come with FALLOUT 4.

Hazmat132299d ago

i only blew up megaton 1 time. after that i felt horrible. haha but seriously tho no one [email protected]%KS with my dog.