PSLS - Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Review (PS3)

From PSLS:

"You may have seen that we did a review previously on these titles, and are asking yourself “why is Chandler reviewing this collection again if Heath did it last week?” That’s a great question. Heath’s review was the Vita review and was also based on Japanese version of the games. This second opinion is based on the North American PS3 disc-based version."

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JonnyBigBoss2308d ago

How about a Super HD version on PS4? :)

NukaCola2308d ago

Would like thay as well. Also wondering why Kingdom Hearts isn't on Vita.

PeaSFor2307d ago

had the ps1, then i skipped the ps2 and got the original xbox instead(dodging rocks) so im pretty hyped to play it on my ps vita, i missed a shit tons of ps2 and will embrace this kind of hd remake.

man i really have my hands full right now and the next weeks, completed darksouls2 on ps3 yesterday, playing titanfalls on pc, getting FFX/X-2HD soon and infamous second son friday, dayum..... good thing i completed my backlog last month!

2307d ago
Chard2307d ago

Totally agreed! One of the main reasons for a HD remaster is to preserve a game that is otherwise unplayable on current consoles, therefore its release should not be limited to a console that is now 'last gen'.

Imalwaysright2307d ago

So the best FF in recent years was made in the PS2 era. Just goes to show that devs, not hardware power, are what will ultimately determine the quality of a game.

DinoNYC2307d ago

FF VII-X were pinnacle in the series, I really wish they can redeem the series after the past few FF games.

Pozzle2307d ago

I'd include FFVI on that list too. It has one of the most memorable stories in the series imo.

MrSwankSinatra2307d ago

If you honestly think VII-X was the pinnacle then you never play IV let alone VI.

knifefight2307d ago

The best FF in recent years is Bravely Default for 3DS!

Sly-Lupin2307d ago

FF quality has nothing to do with platform, and everything to do with the EE merger.

How do people still not know this? Its been what, a decade now?

WeAreLegion2307d ago

Moving my Ground Zeroes money to this. Can't wait!

Phils_Libra2307d ago

Good review for PS3 owners. Happy to hear the minor framerate issues previously reported on the Vita version weren't noticed on the PS3 version.