Alien Life Coming to Titanfall, New Titans Will Have to Wait

It has recently been revealed that Respawn Entertainments popular FPS, Titanfall, will be bringing new Alien life forms to the game in the soon to come DLC.

Titanfall’s Community Manager, Abbie Heppe, took the time to speak with and had this to say “We are going to have maps added, and we’re trying to give players as much of a varied look at things as we can so that is definitely a possibility,” At this time Respawn has plans to release 3 DLC packs, all of which will have new territories to go along with them.

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2304d ago
Pinkdolphinyfg2304d ago

Love the game so far. Anybody on the fence i personally reccommmend buying it on either xbox one or pc. Heard the 360 version is 30 fps sub 720p. You will easily put in more than 50 hours into the game guranteed.

Rickgrimes952304d ago

I just wish it had better graphics love the gameplay but as usual for xbox not native 1080

Kiwi662303d ago

if you don't like how it looks then don't play it as simple as that but the majority who play it don't really seem to care as much as you about its graphics and besides its been known for awhile what the resolution was going to be

mx1042303d ago

Its not about playing a game just for the graphics. its about buying a next gen console and getting visuals that look like last gen. Im yet to be amazed at any game thats been released for xbox one and ps4, Sure the gameplay is great and im still playing titanfall flat out but the visuals arent as impressive as they should be

TheDrunkenJester2303d ago

You do realize even if this game was native 1080 it wouldn't look magically better right? They used the Source engine which isn't all that graphically impressive, but the graphics are fine. I'm glad they put more effort in the balancing and all around fun factor in the game then pretty graphics...

mcstorm2303d ago

I agree with TheDrunkenJester the graphics are fine but what makes the game is the balance between titans and pilots as well the game plays. For me it has given me the same enjoyment that halo game when I 1st played it online.

CaptainYesterday2304d ago

Alien life you say? Okay now I'm interested in this game

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