Pro-gamer takes home $100K after winning StarCraft II World Championship

If you were to go back in time and tell anyone in the 80s that in the year 2014 people will be competing in video game competitions for $100,000, they'd probably say you're crazy. And, as crazy as it sounds, that was exactly what happened today at the StarCraft II Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Poland.

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DanielGearSolid2308d ago

How much will he spend on strippers?

timothyckeegan2308d ago

Wow that a lot of cash to spend on cars and girls.

combatcash2308d ago

He'll get taxed for half so it's not that much really.

LexHazard792308d ago

Whatever he ends up getting is still Great!

mixelon2308d ago

I suspect he's spending it more sensibly.

Irishguy952308d ago

Yeah he could buy a decent looking wife with that

combatcash2308d ago

Maybe a decent looking temporary girlfriend lol

Lolrus2308d ago

He will probably just spend it on upgrading his PC or refurbish his room with gadgets to improve his game performance or gaming microtransactions. Also restock his supply of soda, chips and dip

Ducky2308d ago

Wow. He could buy a million dollars with that!

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