Dark Souls 2: Defeating The Pursuer (SOLO, NAKED)

Okay, so you put down The Last Giant in the Forest of Fallen Giants and think you’re pretty hot…until you run smack dab into the wall of metal and glistening great sword that is The Pursuer. Oh, not sure a bad ass now, are you? This fight will be the one where folks are turning off their system of choice, throwing controllers and generally quitting the game to never go back to it again. Don’t be one of those people! Fight through the pain, and kick this metal can’s ass!

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Orange Juice2299d ago

I was lucky enough to stumble upon him the first time with 2 phantoms in my game so he was beaten. It was a nasty surprise though, we didnt all make it out alive.

tenacious_b2299d ago

The last giant was harder imo. I had two guys fighting pursuer, hes pretty easy to dodge but it does take a lot of hits to kill him.