Microsoft shows new Crackdown images

Microsoft was so kind to reveal some new images of their coming cell-shaded game Crackdown. The game will be in stores before June 2007, according to Peter Moore, head of the companies Entertainment and Devices Division.

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Silver Bull3t4453d ago

ewwww, yuck!...
better not be $60 for this crap!

fablex4453d ago

The game looks better in motion, but still not that great. Good thing is, they still have around six months to finish it :P

power of Green 4453d ago

Wow looks way better it's alot clearer and they filted alot of the color over kill out of the games.

xboxlj4453d ago

That this is a cell-shaded game.

beans4453d ago

This game is gonna rock!!!

shotty4453d ago

I think some of the main reason this game got pushed back, along with some other MGS games was that they were releasing too much first party titles in 1 same period. They already have Gears of War and Viva Pinata. So it would be smart to shift Forza 2, Fuzion Frenzy 2, Crack Down, Shadowrun to first half 2007. And then save Mass effect, Too Human, Halo 3 and other unannounced games for the later half.

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