Uncharted 4: 10 Suggestions To Avoid A Total Misfire

What does Uncharted 4 need to do to keep this glorious run going?

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-Foxtrot2299d ago

"8. A New Protagonist?"

No, no and no

Nathan Drake IS Uncharted....without him it may aswell not be called Uncharted and should be a new IP.

They've built up this great character with equally good side characters....why waste that.

"3. Co-op"

It's a single player game, the game dosen't need co-op, it's why ND made online co-op missions.

It would require the story in the single player to always have someone with Drake and they would need to get rid of the times when Drake is by himself, getting rid of that "Man vs The World" vibe when playing.

linkenski2299d ago

Unfortunately with Amy out, I really don't think Drake is the protagonist. I think Neil Druckmann and Co. wants to turn Uncharted into a "Mature" franchise, which of course is lame and totally un-uncharted.

-Foxtrot2299d ago

Well if they do that then they've killed Uncharted for me. Knowing NaughtyDog the game will be amazing but if it's not Uncharted then I don't see how I would enjoy it. I would end up keep thinking when playing how much they've ruined the series.

Neil should honestly stick to the Last of Us and newer IPs. He wanted to kill off Elena in Uncharted 2, that says it all really....he wanted to kill off one of the best female characters of last gen.

DanielGearSolid2299d ago

While I do think Amy was a big part of the series... She's just one part of an incredible team.

I don't the think the quality of the series will suffer

Blackcanary2299d ago

Agree adding co-op will end up killing it and making it like what co-op did to resident evil imo.

dcj05242299d ago

Make it more fun? Sign me up!

yazter2299d ago

You're stepping into some uncharted waters with these suggestions *rimshot*

ltachiUchiha2299d ago

I'll leave it to Naughty Dog to deliver a TRUE NEXT GEN experience with Uncharted 4. Amy is a big loss but I have alot of faith in Naughty Dogs other writers. To doubt Naughty Dog means u have no faith in them. I put it this way. Im just as excited for Uncharted 4 maybe even more then how many ppl are excited for a new Fallout game or Zelda game & I ain't worried about how it will turn out because I know, "I won't be disappointed."

Shane Kim2299d ago

Please author, leave the thinking to ND.

calvincrack2299d ago

This guy can barely write. How are these people writing articles linked to on n4g? Wheres the moderation + quality control

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