11 Most Notorious Gaming Sequel Set-Ups That Never Followed Through

Is there anything more simultaneously exciting and frustrating than a video game that leaves you immediately wanting for a sequel? Many classic games will simply be closed-off one-shots, but given that gaming is a commercial enterprise after all, most games these days tend to sew in a sequel-baiting tease just in case the game is a success enough to warrant said sequel. This can appear by way of a blatant cliffhanger, or simply an open-ended climax which leaves plenty left to explore.

It’s all well and good when these sequels are made good upon and, if the follow-up is a hit, then everyone’s happy. But what about when, for reasons usually relating to finances, a sequel is never made, and gamers the world over are left lamenting a conclusion that never was? These 11 games all very clearly implied a sequel was on the way, but to date gamers have been left hoping for a surprise announcement which, let’s face it, probably isn’t going to come.

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