EA Finally Wins with Titanfall

Josh Hinke from Explosion writes: " It is safe to say that 2013 was a year to forget for Electronic Arts. Despite small victories here and there, the year was largely abysmal for one of the largest publishers in games. In one year the company dealt with the departure of its CEO, being unofficially voted the worst company in America, and dealt with two massive server issues effecting two of its highest profile games. Yes, it is safe to say that Electronic Arts’ New Years Eve party was a welcomed sight for the company, a chance to start fresh. And start fresh they have, while Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a fine release for the company early in the year, the crown-jewel, Titanfall, has been a huge win for the studio, as they hoped it would be."

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Chaostar2653d ago

I'd wait for Destiny before making such bold claims.

jackanderson19852653d ago

what has destiny got to do with anything?? they're saying that Titanfall is the "win" they've been looking for over the past few years compared to the mess that was BF4, Sim City debacle, SWTOR MMO failure, Medal of Honor tanking etc etc

Titanfall has launched relatively smoothly compared to all of those, has had massive hype (which depending who you ask is justified) and has appealed to a large audience

Thehyph2653d ago

Titanfall may be a win because of its reception, but I doubt it's a win for its sales.
Battlefield, Fifa, Madden, and Need For Speed will all stomp Titanfall in sales.

I guess you could consider it a win in terms of bringing a new IP to the market. Particularly, one which certainly has sequel-ability.

hankmoody2653d ago

The number of disagrees you received should tell you everything you need to know.

Chaostar2653d ago

Destiny is huge competition for Titanfall when it comes to lasting appeal and mainstream adoption. The writer has completely dismissed it's existence and, instead, decided to pair off Ubisoft and EA.

Guess I'm just looking at a bigger picture than the writer but ignoring Destiny would be foolish imo.

4Sh0w2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Yep it's a win for me, best fps I played since Halo4.

It should keep me busy until Destiny, then Halo5 which should fill my shooter needs for the next few years.

2653d ago
AceBlazer132653d ago

What did they win exactly? It got praise? Any game worth a damn gets praise. They point out all EA"s misfortune to make Titanfall come off as some saving grace, when in actuality, despite EA's problems they're fine, they're better off than a lot of publishers.

Hard to say anything won, when it launches with no competition.

supersonicjerry2653d ago

@4show you thought Halo4 was good? Oh god!!!! lol That had to be the worst halo ever made.

By the way does anybody know why they haven't posted their sales numbers for titan fall yet?

4Sh0w2653d ago

What was wrong with Halo4? It's still one of the best shooters last gen. I only played Gears 1 & 2 more.

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aceitman2653d ago

And how is it a win when it didn't pass the sales of the games out on next gen, ms and ea has been quit on the numbers and when it sells well the come out bragging, we sold such numbers in 24 hrs . But we no that didn't happen so now they will wait for the weekly numbers and say we sold this much so the numbers seem bigger, but where not dumb we no if it's selling good or not as gamers, he'll the said plz garden warfare will be a seller but that was not the case.

Axios22653d ago

The most pre orders seen for the PS4 was CODG, and TitanFall had more pre orders than that established franchise.

It also has way more pre orders than any next gen exclusives like KZ or Infamous.

That makes it a win in a comparison according to the information currently available.

Thehyph2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Next gen isn't where the money is with most of the install base still on 360 and ps3.

People seem to complain that this game is not on ps4, when the real hit to EA is not selling it on ps3.

dragongod642653d ago

It does not mater how good it sells
what is its compateshen on the X Bone
It is still on a dead system
yes it is a good game but buying a X Bone just to play it is dum

Drewidian2653d ago

A lot of my friends including me bought it digital, so those numbers wouldn't show up until Microsoft released official numbers. And if I recall correctly, all of the Titanfall bundles are digital. Going by retail sales is a lot less accurate way of gauging how well a game will do on the Xbox One as many like me are going all digital.

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thezeldadoth2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

so destiny comes out and now titanfall's critical success is meaningless?

i love how people on this site tangle up games that don't need compared

If destiny was a microsoft exclusive, this site would be dismissive of it as well.

Audiggity2653d ago

Exactly. Any positive news surrounding Microsoft on N4G is typically addressed by a mad scramble to find some small amount of mud to sling... no matter how far fetched.

It's sad really.

If Titanfall came to PS4 these negative comments wouldn't exist, we'd certainly hear about how the PS4 version was superior based on identical screenshots - but the game would be celebrated.

Chaostar2653d ago

I didn't say that, no need to be defensive and start with the "N4G is biased" shtick.

giovonni2653d ago

I was just about to echo that same thought. Its funny how this whole thing goes. Just a few years ago all Bungie did was make nothing but First Person shooters and "Gaylo" and though it sold millions it still was under the harsh scrutiny of a certain video game fan base. Now that Bungie is catering to that fan base now. The same company that only makes first person shooters and "Gaylo" are now incredible, and one of the best developers to grace consoles.

The only reason why Titanfall is getting this kind of treatment is because it's not on a certain system. The evidence is all present. The grasping at straws, the so called low sales, the whole preorders don't mean anything debate, and it's a rehash of this game not worth my time or money.

Yet if the shoe was on the other foot or available to that fan base's preference it would be a different story. Why can't we just give credit where it is do? Stop hatin, and give EA some credit for not fu%6king this game up.

Magnes2653d ago

@audiggity nope because you would be there making a negative comment,doing exactly what you preach against

AtomicGerbil2653d ago


The shoe will be on the other foot on Friday, mark my words the Xbox fanbase will have their rabid moment.

aragon2653d ago

couldnt agree more zelda

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3-4-52653d ago

More than one game/team can win.

There isn't just one game being played here.

So The Tigers, Redsox, Yankees can't all play a game and all win on the same night?


Titanfall did good for XB1.....let them have that, let them enjoy that, stop trying to peee on people's parade, it's inconsiderate.

* Destiny will be awesome and sell a ton as well, but it's a different kind of game. It's also the main reason I'll get a PS4 in September.

Rageanitus2653d ago

Your statement is a very bold claim in itself.... from the looks of it Destiny is no where close to how Titanfall plays.

This comparison is just like how ppl used to compare Dirt to Motorstorm back in the days of PS3.

ma1asiah2653d ago

@ stevehyphen

"Battlefield, Fifa, Madden, and Need For Speed will all stomp Titanfall in sales"

So you are comparing multiplat titles to a title that is exclusive to the Xbox brand and PC go figure.

TheXgamerLive2653d ago

Why indeed do little sony fanboys again come running to anything pro Xbox just to lie whine and complain.
This an EA post yet mentions an MS/Xbox game and the hate has to poor in.
Seriously N4G find a better way of letting people post without the 11 year olds disagree/hating everything.
It getting difficult being able to enjoy this site.
Reading down this page just iritates me, all fanboys Xbox or ps or whatever just ahhhh nevermind.

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GraveLord2653d ago

If by "win" you mean they released yet another rushed product to the market, then yes they won alright.

mananimal2653d ago

EA is never a winner...can a leopard change his spots? I rest my case......those who don't know the past or who soon forget the past...are doomed to repeat their folly.

Oner2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

"I rest my case......those who don't know the past or who soon forget the past...are doomed to repeat their folly."

Well Said Manimal. Very good point that also applies to other areas of gaming not just Devs/Pubs, but exclusivity as well as consoles & etc.

ThePope2653d ago

Haha rushed. Clearly you haven't played it. It's amazing. Which before you disagree 99% of ppl who have played it agree.


HacSawJimThugin2653d ago

As much as I play TitanFall and talk in the lobby that percentage is more than fair. Only tiny insignificant pockets on the Internet hate/dislike this game. Funny how it seems to be the cool thing to hate on TitanFall when in fact this game is loved by its players.

Destiny is a beast of a different nature so comparisons between the two are irrelevant. TitanFall is exclusive to Xbox and PC while Destiny will appear on all platforms except PC I think.

famoussasjohn2653d ago

Titanfall rushed? Please go on and tell us how it was rushed. Use that last bubble wisely.

GraveLord2653d ago

To all of you saying if I have played it, yes I have. I don't need to play it to tell you that the game has huge performance issues. HAVE YOU PLAYED IT?

Here's proof of the performance issues

Not enough proof? Check out Digital Foundry's article

I'm not making this stuff up. If you haven't noticed the issues this game has then you are blind.

Audiggity2653d ago

Your comment makes no sense. Have you even played it? It's one of the smoothest launches I've ever seen. It isn't a week old yet and it is smoother than any other MP FPS I can remember.

It's also very well balanced... there aren't a ton of over-powered or under-powered elements that need to be patched.

SilentNegotiator2653d ago

More importantly, they STILL haven't announced a million sold. So why have there been so many articles already deciding that this game was a massive hit for EA?

ma1asiah2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

@ GraveLord,

Then I must be one of the blind ones my friend.

I have played nothing but Titanfall on my Xbox One for 3 days straight and have not encountered these so called performance issues you and other sites seem to speak about.

We had a few server issues in the beginning. I know there are some who are having issues while trying to play the game on PC,then there are those with Belkin Routers having their own batch of issues and finally those with slow internet connections. Yet in terms of the game overall NO!!! I havern't come across any game breaking issues bar people who keep trying to play this like its COD with mechs but hey noobs will be noobs and haters will always be haters.

I have played a tonne of Hardpoint a bit of CTF and both the Militia and IMC campaigns, yet I have not encountered any Frame Dips or the Xbox One struggeling to run this game.

I don't need to quote or bring up other sites, to justify that these performance issues don't seem to exist, as like I have already stated I have played this game a tonne over the past 3 days and all I can say from my OWN experience is that the game runs silky smooth and is one of the best FPS games I have had the experience of playing in a very, very long time. With exception to the rubbishy tacked on campaign. Yet still at its core the game is basically an online multiplayer game. Which in terms of its multiplayer experience well it exceeds and does it better than pretty much any other FPS currently available.

FriedGoat2652d ago

You have obviously not played many FPS games.
Not that titanfall is bad, it's just an average game.

I've gone through alot of FPS games since 1990 when I first started PC Gaming, it may be great for some inexperienced FPS players, but it is nothing special.

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Pascalini2653d ago

Best game I've played in years

christocolus2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

A lot of fps fans(gamers and critcs alike) definitly agree with that.

Are_The_MaDNess2653d ago

yet players of the higher skill tier just finds the game boring, repetitive and easy in more ways than one.

dodgemoose2653d ago

then they don't have to play it ^_^

thezeldadoth2653d ago

That's a very poor argument and comment. That has nothing to do with anything.

Are_The_MaDNess2653d ago

well i for one wont :D will stick with CSGO for my FPS needs and Dota 2 for the rest.

ma1asiah2653d ago

Team Amazyn would fit into this bracket and yet they love the game.....However, having said that they have been very vocal for the need for skill based matchmaking and private lobbies for scrims etc.

Part of the issue at this stage is that people are still coming to grips with the games mechanics. People are still ridding themselves of their old FPS habits and are still learning to be spatially aware due to the veriticality of the game.

It has been no secret that even though eSports etc had high interest in this game potential prior to launch, that some of the necessary systems would not be there at launch. Respawn have publicly advised that this would be further developed over time with future iterations etc.

You will also find that people play the game differently depending on what region you are in.

I have played on the US West servers on the few times that the Aussie servers were down, and felt that even with a one bar connection I could still get MVP and help my team win games where in my own region I might still end up in the top three but I am not going to win every game quite so easily.

Attrition would be the least competitive of all the modes, in my own opinion CTF and Hardpoint are two of the most competitive modes. Yet even then each game will depend on the players themselves and their own skill level and how they work as a team.

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the worst2653d ago

then, i think u need to play more games

vikingland12653d ago

Fun game and that's a win.

demonddel2653d ago

Asked by a gamer who games on the opposite platform

DFogz2653d ago

Because it made them a truck-load of money.
I'd call that a win.

dodgemoose2653d ago

Positive critical reception + large sales = win

Father__Merrin2653d ago

what's the sales at the moment?

Audiggity2653d ago

Way to use your 2 bubbles. How is this a win? Well, for starters, Titanfall has been trending ahead of Infamous Second Son very significantly just looking at pre-orders. Not even looking at sales. And* this only includes pre-orders for Xbox One, not even counting 360 or PC activity.

That alone is a "win" based on Sony fanboys constantly bringing up the sales of the PS4 vs. XB1. Just purely based on the units sold, you would think that the only meaningful next gen offering for PS4 would outsell the only meaningul next gen offering for XB1. No?

Well, no, it didn't. Offset the pre-order sales by one week to match the release dates and Titanfall ruined Infamous.

It's doing very well. No sales data yet because it hasn't been officially released. But the critical reception is good and it's turning heads.

That's how it is a win.

Hicken2653d ago

Um you started with a fail: infamous has and has had higher preorders.

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