MGS5: Ground Zeroes Delayed in Australia and New Zealand

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will release in Australia and New Zealand on March 27, a week later than originally planned.

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jessupj2312d ago

I bet MS wouldn't be too happy either if it released a week later on their console lol

ArchangelMike2312d ago

It seems once again issues with one console are holding back the other console. Still, a week's not too much to wait. Especially when you've got Infamous Second son to keep you busy!

Kiwi662311d ago

But it does say Konami made the decision to delay it which from what i gather is so they have all bases covered instead of having people annoyed if they are getting xb1 version so i personally think they're doing the right thing so that at least everyone who buys the game can get it the same day

Bathyj2311d ago

Why do you have to get it the same day? Why not just get it when its available.

Imagine a PS4/PS3/X360 owner calling a store for their preorder and being told, yes we have your game right here, but we cant sell it to you for a week until the Xbone version gets here.

Thats just rude.

Hekticboss442311d ago

I am sooooo pissed off ! I've paid my pre order off and they come out with this shit.why do us Aussies always get fucked with deliverys we'll maybe we should delay our coal and gas shipments to japan cause we all no they got no resources. Arrrrr been a fan since 98 but I'm thinking of giving up on this series ! And fuck you to Xbox you have brought nothing but shit since you been here. Rant over

Bathyj2311d ago

Really? Thats so crap if true. Delaying all versions because one is late. The late one should just come later.

rawshack2311d ago

Im from new Zealand this is not cool