Watch Dogs Dev Responds To Comparisons With inFamous Second Son, Talks About Dynamic Fog & More

"Watch Dogs will be out in May but Ubisoft Montreal is mindful of the other big open world game that will be releasing earlier, namely Sucker Punch Productions' inFamous: Second Son."

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Ezz20131702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

yes play it Ubisoft and see how open world games can be done with of the chart amazing gfx that was only possible in linear games while stll being very very smooth and tons of fun to play

take alot of notes, Ubisoft
you might learn a thing or two

ZodTheRipper1702d ago

Whatever he means with "open&alive" he forgots that inFamous gives you superpowers with insanely fast traversal which has to be rendered. The only excuse I accept is that Watch Dogs releases on 5 platforms and inFamous is an exclusive but this comment was unnecessary.

Ezz20131702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

he's stealth trolling the game by saying the city is lifeless and not really open

ubisoft are jelly lol

ArmGunar1702d ago

No problem for me

inFamous day one
Watch Dogs day one


GarrusVakarian1702d ago

Haha, this is hilarious, the guy was blatantly trolling the dev. He even linked him to the NeoGAF thread called 'Dear Watch_Dogs: please take note. (New Infamous Second Son Screenshots Inside) This is how you do an open world game'

Lol, that dev is so salty.

Infamous2981702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Someone is getting salty :D.

1702d ago
cabbitwithscissors1702d ago

Pride comes before a fall...enough said.

That developer is really full of himself.

christian hour1702d ago

Exactly he didnt have to defend the game at all, he just had to point out the huge differences in making a game for a one console, and making a game for multiple consoles. Anyone who's played games for mor than 2 years should understand this by now.

I've always had my suspicions towards watchdogs, the gameplay looked really good but I don't like how Ubisoft have been allusive with it and in smoeways dishonest (Releasng bullshots the same day as the ps4 gameplay/story trailer and saying nothigns changed? Come on, what do you take us for?). I know those bullshots were some PR groups idea and the devs working on it were probably not happy about the idea but its a continuing trend that I feel needs to stop. Just be honest about yr game, show us how its really running, show us how it look on all platforms, dont just show us the prettiest version, the average uninformed gamer will feel cheated and that does more damage to the industry than good I feel. I'd just like transparency with games.

A good example is Ground Zeroes, we've seen gameplay on all platforms, and its great, it gives you an idea, regardless of waht platform you play on, waht to expect, it doesnt sell you a false vision of the product yr considering purchasing.

the xbone version (of ground zeroes) is similar to the 360/ps3 version of ground zeroes, but with slightly higher res textures and better AA, then you look at the ps4 version, textures are slightly higher than xbone version, and its got a dynamic sky box (whereas the xbone version has the same old school skybox technique used in 360/ps3 version). It's this type of evidence that has me thinking that maybe Ubisoft didnt wanna ruffle any feathers with sony or microsoft so for the sake of parity across paltforms, they seem to have gimped the game slightly so it runs same on xbone and ps4.

Of course theres no way of knowing this until the game is in the hands of players across all platforms and comparisons can be made then to better understand what has happened here exactly.

If they were upfront from beginning and showed it running on all platforms and showcased the differences between current gen, next gen and PC, this internet shit storm would not exist and any confusion would be cleared up, people would be much more informed.

But of course bad press is good press and to the average uninformed gamer they wont see people talking pixel counts and how self shadowing has disappeared etc, they dont see that stuff when they play games, theyll hear people discussing a game called "watchdogs" and say "Oh hey, ill have to check that out". Business loves mindless consumerism :) Or I need to buy a tinfoil hat. The verdict is still out on that one 0_0 (thats a bad joke at the end by the way. they dont work too well on the internet so thought i'd jsut clarify that part)

Shadonic1702d ago

@ infected

Developers could be working on multiple projects at once and even then you cant just think that throwing more people at a project means a smoother or better production quality. WTF do you think game development studios function like base management games ? I'm putting this one on the multiple consoles. We honestly need a Direct feed video of PS4 and XBone gameplay to make sure. Either way I'm still going to get the game because it looks like its a lot of fun.

CJDUNCAN1702d ago

Both games seem to have lifeless cities from what I've seen. 10 minutes of Infamous gameplay plus the preview plays from the game sites, and the cities seem to be pretty empty outside of mission specific parts.

Watch Dogs all I've seen were trailers and E3 demo, the E3 demo looked okay as far as a lively city but the latest trailers don't look as promising.

I got Infamous ready for download Friday and Watch Dogs will be pre-order for me but yeah until further notice and me actually playing them, they both leave something to be desired.

Dee_911702d ago

Well I think Watchdogs have a lot more going on in the city than Infamous.That being said, I'm sure both Sucker Punch and Ubisoft had to make some sacrifices this early in the console life.Either way I am looking forward to both of them.

starchild1702d ago

You guys are incredible. This dev gets trolled by some fanboy linking to a biased post basically trolling his game and all he says is it looks like a good game and he wonders how alive the city will be, yet HE is the bad guy here? Wow, you guys never cease to amaze me.

Watch Dogs and inFamous Second Son both look like fantastic games. They both do some unique things that the other lacks. The diversity in gaming is great.

PeaSFor1702d ago

im buying both so "whatever brah!"

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Magicite1702d ago

I think both games are must have. And both will play best on Playstation (and/or PC).

allgamespc20121702d ago

haha, second son doesnt come close to looking as good as watch dogs on pc kid. I know you are an n4g fanboy, but my god, have some proof before trying to make your opinion fact.

Watch how second son is just going to be another overrated overhyped ps4 game.

Ezz20131702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

calling someone fanboy and kid really show how mature you are

also you call a game you never played overhyped and overrated and then you overhype and overrate another game you never played too lol XD

extermin8or1702d ago

He never said that pc watch dogs would look worse than pc. What he said was that the console version would look best on ps4 and then added that eatch dogs would look best on pc in an attempt to get elitist morons like yourself to nlt pickout hos comment shame it didnt work.

NeoTribe1702d ago

Theres no pc game as good looking as infamous so how can watch dogs be better looking than infamous? Sorry son, but sucker punch aint playin around and you will feel very left out in a few days. Get use to it.

Tatsuya 1702d ago

You're some funny lil shit, I'm pretty sure you are the "junior' from GAF that is trolling on the Infamous SS thread as well. Things are not looking good for you :)

I_am_Batman1702d ago

"Watch how second son is just going to be another overrated overhyped ps4 game."

Wow. Why don't you just buy a PS4? Then you won't have to hate on games that aren't coming to PC anymore. If you would be familiar with Sucker Punch's track record you would know that the chanes of Infamous Second Son being overrated or overhyped are vanishingly low.

AedanClarke1702d ago

"There's no PC game as good looking as infamous"
WHOAWHOAWHOA, what the hell? Do you SERIOUSLY believe that?

-Battlefield 4
-Crysis 3
-Project CARS
-Star Citizen
-The Division (It'll look better on PC... just like Watch_Dogs will. And even if it doesn't, The Division looks better than Second Son. SS is impressive, but The Division is just factually better-looking from a technical standpoint)
-The Witcher 2 (Yes, even The Witcher 2 still looks better, actually. And I'd like to keep everyone's thoughts on that SS is played at 30 FPS. Just remember that).
-The Witcher 3 (if you think it'll look as good on consoles as it does on PC... Ha.)
-Watch_Dogs (You're just lying to yourself if you think WD on PC doesn't look better than SS)

Look, I'm looking forward to SS, and I think it's a very good looking game that I'll have just as much fun with as the previous two. But I'll be damned if I'm going to spot such OUTRAGEOUS crap like "Theres no pc game as good looking as infamous" and let that slide. Facts should ALWAYS be pushed in, especially when there's apparently more people than otherwise that believe such lies.

Shadonic1702d ago

From what i get from being a lot of PC gamers is that its 10% buying and playing games at higher quality than consoles 90% going onto gaming sites and rubbing your nipples with your keyboard as you write comments on how much better your PC is than consoles to people who honestly just want to play the games.

AedanClarke1702d ago

Yes, because I comment oh, so regularly. Pull your head out of your ass. And the hypocrisy of your statement is just appalling, considering all anybody does on this friggin' site is cream anytime the word 'Sony' appears. How pathetic.

DigitalRaptor1702d ago

The closer we get to the 21st March, the more bitter hate we're going to see for Second Son, and I was right about this.

The game has done nothing but impress, and nothing to disappoint, yet we're seeing hate for it. We saw the "downgrade" articles and now we can see that nothing was downgraded, but upgraded.

Dee_911702d ago

Oh yea.Those 4 or 5 pc games over the last 10 years on those $300 gpus and $200 cpus looks slightly better than Infamous.. No one is doubting that.

starchild1702d ago

I already have Infamous Second Son paid for and I'm picking it up day one. It looks fantastic, but I think some people are really going too far with the hype of the graphics.

It has excellent character models, but the textures and lighting are nothing special. There are almost no dynamic lights that cast shadows. Compare that with PC games like the ones AedanClarke mentioned and you can easily see the difference in the lighting engines.

Watch Dogs is going to look fantastic on PC and next gen consoles. The PC version maxed out with high quality anti-aliasing and a smooth framerate is going to be a sight to behold.

It's funny that some Sony fans won't accept that there has been a downgrade to Infamous Second Son and say it is all down to time of day differences, but they can't seem to recognize that the difference seen in Watch Dogs is also simply down to time of day lighting and weather differences. It's a double standard. It's like "no way can our precious exclusive be downgraded" but then they turn around and bash Watch Dogs since it is multi-platform.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771702d ago


And what does PC games offer? stupid douchebag.

Shadonic1702d ago

@ AedenClark

well of course you don't, there's a bunch of other sites where you can gloat about your Crazy power PC that can simulate asteroids hitting Jupiter's moon if it wanted with ease.

Also why did you even have to attack me I was just making a joke on whats seen on basically every article that's even remotely related to consoles. YOU!!! may not do it but there are many other gamers like yourself that do case and point like the one we have to reply to just to have this little confrontation.

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SonofGod1702d ago

But you also need to take into account that Watch Dogs is for last-gen consoles as well, Infamous SS is optimized for only one console.

If Ubisoft made Watch Dogs only for current-gen (XO and PS4) and PC the graphics would have been better for sure.

Last-gen is holding back next-gen.

Castle3331702d ago

how do you explain AC4 having better graphics than he recent watchdogs story trailer seems to show? it was a cross platform title AND launch title as well.

morganfell1702d ago

Sorry. They do not get a pass because they chose to also port to last gen. That was their decision. They could have implemented the work in a manner that would not affect Gen 8. They tried to do this on the cheap. inFamous has 1 dev team per 1 game. Ubisoft could have chose to do the same and let each team push each platform with a unique version. Instead they chose to watch their wallet first and worry about quality second. Yes a game has to make money but when you focus on profit rather than quality you actually lose money. When you push quality, you actually will make more money. Greed goggles always prevent this.

As I have stated here Ubi did lie at E3 2012. But that said the game downgrade isn't as bad as some believe. Yet that game isn't graphically on the same planet as inFamous and multiplatform development spread among 6 or 7 studios is no excuse.

SonofGod1702d ago



I do feel that Ubisoft has wasted WD's potential, but hopefully they make a WD 2 and make up for it. But this time with no last-gen.

morganfell1702d ago


Not attempting to play scratch my back I scratch yours, but you are dead on the money with the truth last gen is holding back the next gen.

I am not suggesting companies abandon the users of last gen. Not in the least. But they do need to separate the development.

pyramidshead1702d ago

The faster devs drop current gen the better to be honest.

I've vowed to not even touch any cross gen games until I have enough money to just buy next gen instead.

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Mr Pumblechook1702d ago

The Ubisoft dev responded... poorly.

“Yeah it looks good, but what I want to know is how open and how alive it is as well. Will definitely play it.” As to the visual quality, he added, “Yes I saw. Looks nice. I’m looking forward to play it. I’m curious to see how alive the world is, so if you see let me know…”

I get that he is trying to explain why there are graphical differences between inFamous and Watch Dogs, he says it's because Watch Dogs is a truly open world. However the way he says it he is subtly trashing inFamous' playability.

Diver1702d ago

ubi should learn how not to lie to the public bout real game play. preach on it sucker punch.

gapecanpie1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Both games were downgraded. .. this gen is not what I ecpected.

RIP_Cell1702d ago

you played either game?

gapecanpie1702d ago

Just going by the reports from the people who have actually played it and also from the videos posted online and I'm not talking about the crappy YouTube videos...

The way some of you grown men defend these pieces of plastic is just sad ... no wonder aliens won't talk to us.

TheXgamerLive1702d ago

Infamous is very linear mission based, you did know that, right? Not a true open world game.

ITPython1702d ago

Huh? I'm curious to what your definition of open-world is.

Far as I am aware, all open world games have linear missions, meaning you complete one main-story mission and it unlocks another. Also Infamous, like all other open-world games, have side missions and other things to do besides the main missions. Plus the fact you can roam around freely pretty much solidifies that it is a true open world game.

Would you consider GTA an open world game? cause Infamous is no different.

Only thing I can think of that would make Infamous "less" of an open-world game is that parts of the city are locked off until you progress the story further (don't know how Infamous:SS will handle this, but previous Infamous games did it this way). But once you unlock all the parts, everything is 100% open.

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WeAreLegion1702d ago

Both will be great games. I honestly think Sucker Punch is going to knock it out of the park with this one though.

skydragoonity1702d ago

I expected watch dogs to be as good as infamous.. lol that even sounds funny considering it might not be as good as gta v

Bathyj1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

His reply seems a little tacky. Looks "nice" and questioning how alive and open the city is. Just seems a bit sour grapes.

But, in fairness to the guy, he was being trolled by a thread on Neogaf and he doesn't really need to respond to the quality of other devs games.

Watchdogs will not look as good visually as infamous, but I'm still hoping it will be a great game of a different flavor to infamous. There's no reason to pit them against each other other than being open world. I'll be getting both.

extermin8or1702d ago

True he dies also say in a tweet he's looking forward to pkaying the game on its release this coning week so at least he's not asking the question and not playing the game.... I think all he means is there will be less interaction with pedestrians etc than in watch dogs, where you can profile everyone etc.

madworld1702d ago

That's my tweet again and I think I am right because that is what I think the player deserve the truth about the game...