Leisure time: Wii U woes

DailyUW: "Nintendo’s predictions have consistently been higher than actual sales, and the Wii U heavily contributed to Nintendo’s operating loss of $15 million for the last nine months of 2013. This has led to Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and other executives slicing their salaries in acknowledgment of the failure.

While this is certainly troubling for fans of the Japanese gaming monolith, I wouldn’t close the door on the Wii U too quickly."

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TheLyonKing2304d ago

I do believe MK8, Smash Bros and Zelda will shift more than a couple of units but it won't be enough to move the wii u out of third place this gen.

That's just my take on it.

eferreira2304d ago

Right on the nose there. Well said.

2304d ago
Concertoine2304d ago

i think the wii u will be neck and neck with the xbone like the 6th gen, unless either nintendo or MS find a game that really shifts TONS of units like halo did.

CharlesSwann2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

WiiU will still lead the bone for all of this year. No reason to close the doors yet.

3dmariofan682304d ago

And let's not forget this story and the wii u will far out perform the x box one i n japan,the wii u can still finish first, just like the 3ds, it will take time.

clouds52304d ago

I don't give a sh*t about sales, WiiU is my primary gaming system atm and I can't remember when I had so much fun last time with a gaming system.
Playing Rayman with my wife, best thing ever. Donkey Kong is a perfect game, challenging, beautiful, fun and it always puts a smile on my face :) And I still have Zelda WindWaker HD in front of me, which I haven't played on the GC! So it's basically a brand new game for me.

And if I think about the games that are yet to come^^ Mario Kart! Monoliths X! Bayonetta 2! And of course Zelda U!

Of course I have a gaming PC on the side for other titles, but I'd say WiiU is the perfect addition for a family PC gamer.

parentoftheyear2304d ago

That's the exact reason I want a Wii. My wife will play games with me on ps4 there just isn't a lot of option for her. She didn't like Rayman. But when we play mario bros Wii and sat down together for the week or two we really enjoyed getting all the stars collected + donkey Kong her favorite. If there is no little big planet announcement at e3 most likely will be getting a Wii u. I have waited long enough I think.

BenqMagician2304d ago

It's way too early too tell just yet concerning the Wii U considering the trend that the weaker spec console sells the most systems(but the ps4 is on fire in sales).

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The story is too old to be commented.