All Age Gaming Podcast Ep 28 - Sony PlayStation 4 goes up in price?

Craig from All Age Gaming writes "This week on the All Age Gaming podcast we discuss the latest news including PlayStation 4 receiving a price increase in Canada to $449, plus Nintendo Wii U outpaces sales of the PS4 at launch. Also, Microsoft realises that honesty is the best policy and wants to be more honest and open with its fans, plus Titanfall gets dedicated servers in Australia. Also on the show you can find our latest game reviews, upcoming games, what we’re playing and of course some shout outs. This plus a whole lot more on the All Age Gaming Podcast."

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Meltic2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

Yeah it goes up here in sweden too. I Think it's just right now beacuse infamous second soon is soon to be released. They are smart.

wonderfulmonkeyman2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

I don't care how good Second Sons is; increasing the price is a negative for the consumers even if it does further line Sony's pockets.
The thing's already $400+!

Meltic2301d ago

iknow iknow !!. I Think its absure to do that. But what doesen't the stores do to earn Money ?. They do enything. 8 weeks ago the ps4 in my store was at 370$ now week just Before infamous launches the ps4 COSTs almost 470$ without infamous bundle.

PeaSFor2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

same thing will happen with the XboxOne mark my words, its not like the XboxOne games have already been bumped to 69.99$ anyway....oh wait, THEY ARE! brace yourself, you gonna see the same thing with the console itself.

-Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Xbox One - $34.99 -Destiny Xbox One - $69.99 -Batman: Arkham Knight - Xbox One $69.99 -Wolfenstein: The New Order -Xbox One $69.99 -Thief - Xbox One $64.99 -Watch Dogs - Xbox One $69.99 -Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Xbox One $69.99 -Dying Light - Xbox One $69.99 -Mad Max - Xbox One $69.99 -The Crew - Xbox One $69.99 -Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Xbox One $69.99 -Alien Isolation - Xbox One $69.99 -The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Xbox One $69.99 -The Elder Scrolls Online - Xbox One $69.99

all the prices are directly from EbGames, the incoming game have have already been raised...whats next? yep, thats right, the console itself will be next, its a shitty time for Canadians.

399$US=444$CAN 399$CAN=359$US

This has been coming for a while. Our dollar is down vs the American dollar, which is up. Prices on gaming products have been getting marked up for the past month or two now. We went from $59.99 to $69.99 pretty quickly.

It's a retailer thing, not a developer/publisher thing. I guarantee you they're doing this because retailers went to them and said they needed the MSRP increased to maintain their margins.

The Xbox One will certainly follow suit, and the Wii U probably will as well. Games for all three (and Vita/3DS) have gone up so it stands to reason the consoles will too.

Ju2301d ago

I'm curious if MS will follow suit. Might be tougher for them, though. It's a hard sell at $500 already, going up another $50 for them might be tough - however, it is actually cheaper to US import a CDN$500 console, I guess (currently).

BX812301d ago

Wow what a d!ck move! All these people collecting scratch are happy heading to the store and BAM! Sorry we raised the price.

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theWB272301d ago

Prices are changed because of the increase/decrease in the value of the dollar, exchange rates. Sony raises prices so they won't lose money.

Has little to nothing to do with a game being released.

Ezz20132301d ago

yep, it's still the same price when it come to us dollar
but since canada dollar is down
sony had to increase the price to match the 400$ Us

if i'm wrong some one correct me

JackBNimble2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

sony didn't increase anything, the ps4 is still $400 usd, it's the Bank of Canada exchange rates that get adjusted. It's not just sony , everything that consumers buy in Canada will be adjusted according to the exchange rate of the $USD$.

EDIT: I should say , all imports will be adjusted according to the USD.


bobsmith2301d ago

its canada dollar value dropping all 3ds games are rising 5 dollars too

speedforce1312301d ago

Consoles are sold at cost. 399.99 in USD is 444.05 in CAD. They're just adjusting the price to match it's real value.

Maml072301d ago ShowReplies(2)
BG115792301d ago

They couldn't do this if the console wasn't so successful...
Funny thing, for the first time, the persons that bought a console first day have advantages to those that didn't.
Never heard of anything like this before except for very limited collectors items. Weird.

PeaSFor2301d ago

..or the psvita with Oled screen.
..or the phat 60gb ps3 with BC.

JackBNimble2301d ago

You really have no idea what you're talking about. Again Sony has nothing to do with this, it's all about the Canadian dollar and the exchange rates. If Canadians were to keep paying $400 cnd then that would be equal to $360 USD. All imports will go up in price if they haven't already , not just sony. lol...

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