Dream Game - Guerilla games do Starship Troopers

We try and merge a major developer and a major franchise for epic results, this time we do Guerilla games.

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zombie-fun5442305d ago

Guerilla Games say they are working in Fantasy Setting game

buffalo10662305d ago

Mabe they have a secret team in the basement working on this?

Ninver2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Maybe their in chains working around the clock with only one meal a day?

buffalo10662305d ago

maybe they have a million monkeys chained down there? or a million guerillas?

lemoncake2305d ago

I would love to see a really good starship troopers game, using the new machines they could put an epic amount of those bugs onscreen at a time.

aaron58292305d ago

Yea... its gonna a very buggy game.

beebap2305d ago

Your some kind of big fat smart bug aren't you.

The only good bug is a dead bug.

WeAreLegion2305d ago

Oh, heck ya! EDF suffices for now though.

Oldman1002305d ago

A decent Starship Troopers game would be awesome. I remember there being a crappy one released on PC years ago. If another one is made this shall be the official theme song.

buffalo10662305d ago

if a decent band made a cover song of that it would be seriously cool going around shooting things and having that playing in the background

I_am_Batman2305d ago

I really like the idea of GG making a Starship Troopers game. My personal Dream Games would be:

1. Sin City by Digital Extremes - They showed with The Darkness 2 that they can make an awesome game based on a comic book.

2. Sherlock Holmes by Rocksteady studios - Somehow I think they would make a great Sherlock Holmes game.

3. Dark Tower (Stephen King) game by ?CD Projekt? - This will probably be impossible to make in a single game just because of the length and complexity of the plot. If some dev team ever ever decides to do this it'll have to be a very ambitious project. I think everyone that read the books will agree on that.

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