Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe Announced For Android & iOS

New Dragon Ball Z game annouced for mobile devices. Looks similar to previous psp games in terms of graphics.

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BitbyDeath2304d ago

Damn, was hoping this'd be more like Simpsons Tapped Out.

Gamesgbkiller2304d ago

I'm waiting for the announcement of Tenkaichi 4 or Tenkaichi HD.

RamboRabbi2304d ago

Budakai 4 is what I want, budakai 3 was easily the best dbz game, the tenkaichi series was just random cutscenes no actual fighting and horrible controls.

Gamesgbkiller2304d ago

Budokai is good but tenkaichi is better in my opinion.

It has good fighting mechanics and combos.

I feel like I'm in the show while playing it.

TWB2303d ago

To me its (mostly) the opposite. I have always played Budokai 3/Infinite world by button smashing because the combos feel so indifferent.

Excluding the first tenkaichi, BT is a great series with easy and yet quite deep combat system. Square for basic combat, triangle for specials (during the combat) and directional buttons for direction/type of the attack.

In tenkaichi the characters also have unique anination and combo sets for each form to give nice variation and eye candy to the combat.

I just hope that with the next tenkaichi, they would make the easy combat system slightly deeper and have more variety/allow for more creativity.

Though I admit that Budokai games really get my heart pumpping during combat, more than the tenkaichi series