Dark Souls 2 Newbie Q&A Tips & Tricks

Entering the world of Dark Souls II for the first time can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of Dark Souls 2 tips & tricks that are sure to help new and old players alike.

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joab7772302d ago

You will either love it or not.

If u love fantasy rpgs, u may like it. If u love immersive worlds that let u and ur story take center stage, if u love building ur character and leveling to beat enemies, u may like it.

If u love learning and absorbing everything about a games techniques, rules etc., if u love attempting something over and over until u can conquer it, u may like Dark Souls 2. It is immensely rewarding.

But, if u simply love open world cut scene driven games that holdout hand and never really test ur skills or punish u for failure, u may not like it. Actually, u wont. Play something else.

But nothing beats being dropped into a world, knowing nothing and figuring it all out by itself. At the end, u feel like u accomplished something b/c u did! It was u that made it through, persevered...and theres nothing quite like it today.