[IGM] Review - PowerUp, just needs a little more pow

PowerUp is an entertaining 2D sidescrolling space shooter, inspired by old school shoot-em-ups such as R-Type, Hellfire, and Project-X. While it does little to innovate, it offers up plenty of retro-styled sidescrolling thrills with plenty of carnage, nice visuals and huge bosses. While not perfect – and best played on higher difficulty settings – it’s a strong first game from Psychotic Psoftware that’s well worth the price of admission.

Psychotic Psoftware is a one-man game studio comprised of Mike Hanson, a game artist by trade. This background in game art shines through in Power-Up , with lush backgrounds, creatively designed enemies and huge bosses reminiscent of the old R-Type games. Another similarity to R-Type is the suitably-throwaway sci-fi plot, casting you as the sole survivor of the human race, out for revenge against the reptilian monsters who wiped out your planet. It’s classic B-movie stuff and sits well with the style of the game, as does the suitably retro soun...

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