Getting Aboard The Hype Train And Why It Is Harmful For Gamers

From RGN's newest contributor Chris: Corruption is a strong word, but in some areas it is well warranted. There is a gray area in the gaming industry that no one seems to try to tackle and that is the corrupt part. With headlines on major gaming news sites like “Why Lord of The Rings Fans Should be Excited For Shadow of Mordor” it is growing more and more evident of what these news outlets are doing.

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ArchangelMike1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

I know the gaming industry runs on hype, its only natural for devs and publishers to hype their games by drip feeding information tot eh fanbiys. The hope is that word-of-mouth, aka 'hype' will sell the product.

However, since the release of the next-gen consoles, I think the hype train has gone into 'hyperdrive' *pun intended*

Resolution gate scandals, downgrade scandals, leaks that are not really leaks at all, OCD sales counting, hyper-analysing new game footage, review scores below 9.5 OMG! The cult of the celebrity company exec, etc etc etc. It goes on and on.

I think all this 'hyper-activity' *pun intended again* is killing the joy of simply loading up a game and enjoying it.

But here I am again on N4G scouring for the hype... *sigh*

SamPao1774d ago

I dunno, I think it was always like that.
I remember the hype when MGS2 was released. When Halo was released. When Uncharted was released. When GTA3/4/5 were released.
With books the same.
And with movies the same.

rainslacker1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Nothing wrong with hype. The problem comes in when the hype doesn't live up to the expectations put on the game by said hype.

I'd like to say this is the problem of the gamers putting unrealistic expectations on a game for whatever reason, but the trend the past few years is for publishers to over-sell what they're delivering with the game, thus leaving a taste of disappointment in the customer's mouth.

I think very few games really live up to the hype nowadays, and I do agree that this mentality of giving games bad review scores is a bad thing is really harmful to good games achieving a spotlight. If a game isn't over an 8, then it shouldn't be getting 9.5's or 10's. Very few reviewers seem to have the guts to really down rate when there are glaring technical flaws, and that may come due to the hype that surrounds the game. Gotta keep those readers after all.

PurpHerbison1774d ago

The last 2 games I hyped up for myself have disappointed me.

teflontactics1774d ago

I don't get "hype" 'til I've actually played the game - no need to get worked up over some video or some screens, IMO.

dcj05241774d ago

I get hype. I was hyped for Ni no kuni not dissapointed. I was hyped for killzone shadow fall & Mercenary, not dissapointed. I was hyped for LBP 2, not dissapointed. Of course I can find a lot of examples of the contrary but hype is hype. Even if it's unjustified.

Cstahler92RNG1773d ago

If you get excited for games and then they deliver then that is great for you, but it isn't the case for everyone nowadays. The thing about this type of hype though is that they are purposely doing it with little to no information. We don't have enough out for games and then site come out with titles that are purposely hyping them. This could be a coincidence, it could be paid for, or it could be them trying to get on the company's good side. The problem is that people get on and then they are disappointed when the overall game is released. Take Fable 2 as an example. It wasn't exactly a horrible game, but it felt horrible due to all the hype it received. Hype is something that has been around and will continue to be around for a while. The purpose of this was jsut my opinion on what I think people should do and my opinion on the practices themselves.

Sidenote: A lot of people seem to think I have 'beef' with the companies mentioned and that is untrue. I have games from every company mentioned and the only reason their names were specifically brought in to the article was because of more recent headlines talking about them. If this were a different time the article could easily mention other companies.

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