Can England Win the FIFA World Cup 2014 – You Decide

Players will decide England's future in Brazil This summer at the FIFA World Cup 2014

But will gamers Take the opportunity to play Roy Hodgsons role and play as England to achieve the ultimate in Footballing Glory?

Has EA SPORTS done enough to convince them to buy another Tournament based Game?

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exnoob2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Unfortunately I HIGHLY doubt England would win. I would put money on Spain coming top 3 at least.

I was just wondering on what peoples thoughts were on, what teams will be making it top 3 in the World Cup?

lelo2302d ago

These 3 teams are the favourites to win the world cup: Spain, Germany or Brazil.

exnoob2302d ago

Those are my predictions as well, so far.

yezz2302d ago

On paper those are definitely the favourites. Argentina could be tough since the WC is played in South America. Belgium has a great and balanced team too but it's quite young and lacks experience..

Nekroo912302d ago

and us?!We have ronaldo and he is the best player in the World Cup since Messi sucks when he plays for Argentina.

But Germany has the best team, no doubt about that.

RedDevils2302d ago

@Metallox I guess you don't watch football, better go watch ice hockey and don't post on football relates topic

Metallox2302d ago


Unfortunately for you, I guess I know enough enough football to say that Germany has no possibility to win the World Cup. Spain and Netherlands have better chances for me, Portugal has its options too. Germany will reach to the semifinals, but not more. I also think that the tendency of European teams losing in South America is going to continue in this edition, so Brazil it's the more likely to win.

RedDevils2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

@Metallox I'm Dutch I laugh when you put my Country over Germany, even though I hate them with passion but saying they have lesser Chance I laugh they're pretty much on par with Spain. As for Spain I can understand as in recent years they have shown that and wouldn't surprise me if they win again. Brazil is more about hype, they are like the skin of the Brazilian teams of the past, the Dark house for me is Portugal and could see them go far

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phantomera2302d ago

lol england? world cup? gtfo

OrangePowerz2302d ago

Given their performance in the qualification it's very unlikely.

SilentXCaspa2302d ago

hahahaha england winning the world cup.. what a joke.

listenkids2302d ago

The have a group of very capable young players, but no master tactician and average 'chemistry' together.

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