Nintendo denies revamping of Virtual Console games

The Virtual Console is set to be a major asset to Nintendo's Wii, and the Big N's European office has now indicated that there's no plans to revamp past games for release via the internet.

"All games will be faithful recreations of the original versions so they will not feature new functions like multiplayer or internet play if the original title did not," said Nintendo in an interview with CVG.

Specifically discussing the subject of graphical enhancements and the like, Nintendo added, "The Virtual Console games faithfully reproduce the original game in all areas, including content, movement and expressions. Principle programming, characters, sound etc. have not been changed."

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lpkilla74450d ago

why does nintendo insist on killing itself? Update those old ass games for online play. Why buy a Wii?

PS360WII4450d ago

The game was awesome then. They want players to remember the great days. If they revamp it, it would not be the same game. Nintendo isn't killing itself it's keeping it real