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gamrReview's Brent Galietti: "There isn't anything inherently wrong with Yoshi's New Island. It brings back the atmosphere and mechanics of past Yoshi titles and provides new levels to experience them in. But New Island relies too much on what has worked before and copy-pasted it onto a blasé platformer, thus not achieving the magic that made the original Yoshi's Island so enjoyable."

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2308d ago
tweet752308d ago

this game isnt bad. I can see alot of repetition from the original but its still among yoshis best. Its a great platformer but at the end of they day you could get just as much enjoyment playing the original.

3-4-52308d ago

I'm definitely getting it once it drops to $30

Oh_Yeah2307d ago

Damn, they're trying to charge more than 5$ for a snes game you could get on any pc phone tablet? I say good luck, good luck on trying to stay relevant Nintendo. Stop trying to innovate your devices and start innovating your games more.