Infamous: Second Son - The Impact of Being Good and Bad

Some of the developers from Infamous: Second Son tell you why morality and karma is such a big part of this game.

alb18993782d ago

There is something in this game that make me not to believe.
The way to shot to enemies and I don't see enemy variety, the city looks so empty......is like it will impress me with the graphics but by two hours all be bored.
I've play it in ps3 and is a definitely no for me.

GarrusVakarian3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

"I've play it in ps3 and is a definitely no for me."

Not sure if serious......

"the city looks so empty"


"I don't see enemy variety"

Trust me, from what ive heard about the game from people who have early copies, there are some really unique and varied enemies in this game. But i won't spoil them.

alb18993782d ago

I have seen a lot of videos and never saw that people.
And maybe the mini bosses and bosses are nice but the others are almost the same

Sevir3782d ago

Enemy variet was something that was long addressed by Infamous 2, so I'm pretty sure you didn't play infamous, and just like previous, the cities are populated smartly. Not sure how you can say the city is empty when you haven't played it for yourself... It's cool if infamous isn't your thing, but at least say things that convinces us of the claim, because what you've said is a copy and paste of generally all the dectrators on N4G have said, "dead empty city, great graphics and mundane repetitive enemies".

How do you know enemies are all the same when all they've shown are the DUPs and regular humans? I gotta question your reasons when you don't seem to present anything other than assumptions from 8 minute max videos that were designed to show early snippets of raw gameplay and nothing more!

johndoe112113782d ago

Look at his comment history, that alone will tell you he never played infamous in his life. He's just trolling because he's worried it may outsell titanfall. don't bother trying to convince him of anything, you'll be arguing with a brick wall.

Sammy7773782d ago Show
chickenface3782d ago

"i've play it in ps3"

caveman like pie

3782d ago
DigitalRaptor3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

You haven't played the game on PS3 cause it's on PS4.

Sucker Punch have been supremely careful not to reveal too much about this game so we can discover it for ourselves. I'm not sure if i even want to read the reviews, as I'm concerned they will ruin the experience for me. That's the only real concern I have about this game.

But what I do know, is that inFAMOUS games have always been good on longevity and variety (since iF2), and fun in gameplay. This is inFAMOUS dialled up to 11.

I just looked at your comment history, and it's clear you're worried that this game is going to outperform Titanfall in categories of graphics, gameplay and sales. Which it will. I can see now why you don't want "to believe" in Second Son.

DigitalRaptor3782d ago (Edited 3782d ago )

@ markyboy2181

There's plenty out on PS4, if you're not a casual gamer.

LOL, the only ones that would say they're gonna cancel their pre-order of this game are the mind-f***ed Xbots that never pre-ordered it in the first place, and are butt-hurt that what they thought was a downgrade, is actually an upgrade. Bwahahahhah!

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Fireseed3782d ago

My main question is if they're going to put some actual hard choices in the game when it comes to your morality. In inFamous 1 all the choices were basically black and white are horribly prompted. It usually boiled down to;

Press X to fry a man and use the voltage sparking of his corpse to open a door...
Or Press Circle to ask him to open it...

Like their was no hiding which choice was evil and which one was not... heck they even had blue and red coloring!!! HOWEVER there was one shining example of moral choices that made me ask "Wait! The guys who designed this designed the rest of this crappy system?!" And it was when you had to choose between saving Jen and the doctors. Instead of giving you a button prompt to either or you actually had to run to either one... and then just to make your decision actually have some gravitas they allowed a few seconds to try and save the other before it hit you with reality. It was sublime and if they can add more choices like that rather than the brain dead;
Press X to open hydrant..
Press Circle to force someone else to do it...
I'll love this game.

Sorry for the wall of text but for me it was such a shame for me to see the devw who designed the Jen sequence to resort to the black and white pre scripted button prompts >_>

Baccra173782d ago

Compared to Infamous 2 the choices in the first one were great.

Evildoomnerd3782d ago

Agreed. The other gray area that stuck with me in the first game involves the NPCs angrily protesting around a random NPC that was strung upside down by a street lamp. When I first encountered this scenario, I thought "Well, obviously hes not innocent, but I'm not sure what he did to deserve that." Cutting him down nets good karma, but for all the player knows, he may have just set loose either an unlucky looter, or "Buffalo Bill"!

Hazmat133782d ago

i always play da good guy, why? cause I'm a good guy. unless they drop my coffee at the coffee shop then i kill everyone.


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Fans of the action-adventure franchise have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential sequel to one of the best games on the PS4.

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-Foxtrot4d ago

They really need to

Go off the evil ending off Second Son

Delsin absorbs all those powers

Revealed he’s the real Beast and John in Infamous 2 was just an anomaly created by timelines being messed with by Kessler.

Cole vs the Real Beast

gold_drake4d ago

quite honestly, i dont remember a whole lot about 2 amymore, but i absolutely hated the guy in second son haha.

chicken_in_the_corn3d ago

It would make more sense to go off the evil ending of 2 and the good ending g of SS where Cole is The Beast.

Cacabunga2d ago

Doesnt make any sense calling second son 2 as infamous 3..

OtterX3d ago

Ha, yea Delsin was obnoxious.

I wouldn't mind another new character, but somehow bring Cole into the story.

We can just pretend like Delsin never existed. :)

thejigisup3d ago

Everyone that age is obnoxious. It's been years and is like to think delsin has grown

neutralgamer19923d ago

Until we wait for a potential new entry it would awesome to have infamous collection for PS5

RaidenBlack3d ago

Umm ... how about this?
First we get the Tushima sequel(coz its most rumored)
Then a new Resistance (need new PS SP FPS)
Then a totally new IP (new IPs are always interesting)
And then a new inFamous?

xHeavYx3d ago

Can we also get a complete remaster of InFamous 1 and 2?

fr0sty2d ago

Gimme a new Warhawk and MAG while we're at it.

DivineHand1253d ago

I had a great time with the second son. Never got to play the originals and hope they get remastered one day.

DazaMc3d ago

The graphics were amazing, I got the platinum on that one. Very good.