PS3 Owner-Upgrade Successes PLUS PS3 Innards Exposed

Several users have reported success in managing to upgrade their PS3 hard-drives. There are several reports of amateur electronics enthusiasts swapping out the 20GB and 60GB drive with higher-capacity version, all of which were recognised and accepted by the PlayStation 3's OS.

The most remarkable point to this is not that something written in a manual actually does work - although that is remarkable in itself - but how rapidly and successfully it can be made to happen.

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Phil Harrison4450d ago

Hackers could put a Linux virus on the Hard Drive, upload to an Email, and sent it to a buddy, and brick the console.

I can't believe how open PS3 is.

VirtualGamer4450d ago

so you don't look stupid when you open your mouth.

Arkham4450d ago

Shut your nonsense hole. You're just making things up to justify your own deliriously skewed viewpoint.

calderra4450d ago

Classic computer points:
-Virtaully no one in the home market runs Linux. They pretty much ALL run Windows.
-Most of these people still don't even run virus scans, assuming they even know what a "virus scan" is.
-The average Linux user is tech-literate, and if you tried to give them a virus, a high percent of them could probably trace the attack back to you and take appropriate action on their end. And legally considering all the professionals.

Now let's look at what PS3 will do to that mix:
-There will soon be millions more linux-ready boxes in the world.
-Most of these boxes will be operated by the same people that will still open unknown .exe attachments in emails.
-Basically none of these people will have any idea how to secure their units.

And voila! Linux virus-writing finds a home!

kmis874450d ago

Someone running Linux on a ps3 still has to go out of their way to buy it and install it. That indicates they might know something about what they're doing. People that open .exe email attachments aren't going to be going out to buy yellow dog linux for their ps3.

VirtualGamer4450d ago

Did you even read the article?

In order to have viruses be effective you need alot of things to work together. First you need a commmon OS like Windows that most people use. Linux has many different flavors and configurations so makes it alot harder not to mention its not widely used. Then you need a common email program like Outlook. There is no common email program that Linux users use so again much harder to propogate as the virus has to exploit vunerabilites in the email program itself in order to spread. Then you need weak security and uneducated users operating as admins on their PC and bingo you have a very effective enviroment for a virus to spread. Linux you operate in a none admin role thus reducing the risk. Thus is why there is about 60,000 viruses known for Windows and only 40 for Linux.

Does that mean no one will ever get a virus using Linux? Nope but the fact that someone is stupid and gets himself infected does not mean its going to spreed like wild fire as it does in the windows world. Thus viruses are far less of a concern. Lastly people who actually write viruses create them for maximum effect so they would target an environment where its very easy to spread. Linux is not that place.

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Silver Bull3t4450d ago

... now I know where to get a replacement fan for my hovercraft...

CyberSentinel4450d ago

I wish 360 went this route.

Thump19674450d ago

Think of the modders and now you will have to worry about viruses glad MS went the way they did

CyberSentinel4450d ago

I was refering to the standard serial ATA 2.5 HD support. I have a few extra old laptop hard drives I could of given a new lease on life, not to mention upgrades would be cheap and easy to install. As for the OS support, I couldn't care less about that, thats just Sonys stab at MS for their HD-DVD support. Very few will actually install another OS since there will be very LIMITED support.

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