First 9 Minutes of HAZE

Austrian Website eLhabib has the first 9 minutes of Gameplay from HAZE.
Check the source for the Video!

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ascendantofrain4717d ago

Video gave me a headache with all the stuttering it did...I really hope the game itself doesn't do that.

Tomdc4717d ago

im not gunna get this now. I was one of the people who defended it when people complained about delays but now I'm not so convinced free radical used that time wisely...

theKiller4717d ago

at least this video puts this game in AA level not AAA level!! so who ever wants to get it get it to have some nice fun and dont expect the power of ps3 or an amazing achievements in shooter genre games!
but it can be cool to kill the time till MGS4 arrives if someone have enough money!

Chubear4717d ago

I'm sure it was insane cause, no matter how much you hate HAZE, I'm sure you feel deep inside you that it did seem like over kill. Like they were deliberatly trying to make sure gamers don't buy or even rent the game.

drdre744717d ago

The more I see of this game the more I just want to play COD4! This is just a blah blah shooter to me. After playing the demo I'm not even interested in the game anymore. The animation isnt that great and the graphics arent that great either.

juuken4717d ago

So you judge a game just one graphics and not gameplay?
Okay then.

season0074717d ago

i guess you can play some cartoon animations fairly well from what you judge if a game is good or not...

and hey no game play right

XXXRATED4717d ago

It does not skip like that, that is the stream. I can tell you it is an above average shooter. around 8-9/10 no where near a 4.5/10. Ign is smoking crack because they gave the same rating to the conflict:ops game a few months ago and that game was hardly playable.

Again like halo the real game is online it is smooth and fast and play is really great. but the campaign is good too just too much story in the game.

I think aot of gta4 and cod4 players will be buying it once they play the online game.

I still haven't beat the campaign yet on cod4 or gta4 I have palyed a crapload of days online though.

The gaming GOD4717d ago

I hear what you're saying man. And I'll be grabbin this game this afternoon.

But the thing is, people judged this game without EVER getting their hands on even the demo. They'd rather take some "professional" reviewers words as the voice of God and roll with it.

But what can ya do? Such are the ways of sheep lol

Time_Is_On_My_Side4717d ago

I agree with you and the funny thing is when Halo 3 finally had game play it looked the same no one said anything. Now with it released most of the online features were in the previous Halo, Halo 2. So with IGN making comments like graphics, soldiers making comments during game play, and same horn for every vehicle is so wierd, especially the horn. What does it matter it isn't a racing game and most of the compliants are in Halo 3 as well.

Anyways I don't go by reviews 100% I still think for my own and read between the bull they published.

juuken4717d ago

You have a good point. I highly doubt this game is as bad as they say it is at IGN.

LaChance4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

"So you judge a game just one graphics and not gameplay?
Okay then"
That goes for 90% of people who have been hyping KZ2 when everbody knows how dissapointing Guerilla have been in the past.

Youre right graphics DO NOT make a good game
proof = kILLZONE 1

I pick gameplay over graphics

Time_Is_On_My_Side4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

Killzone got 4/5 on X-Play and on an average a 7.5/10 which isn't bad. I don't get it a 7.5 sucks so does a 5.0 mean? Generally speaking a 5.0 should still be a buy since it's a 3/5 making it an average game. anything below 5.0/3 isn't worth a buy.

The game sites that use the scale of 1-10 and with the .1 system don't use the whole scale. Look at all the sports titles most of them should be getting 5.0/3 but most of them get 8.9 or 9.0 for the same game. All I'm saying most sites don't use the scale properly especially when they cosider a game a buy.

X-Play is good with their scale you don't always see 5s unless it's needed or 4s. You'll see a lot of 3s and anything lower means the game is broken. In this review he didn't even mention the controls hint, hint it's more of a rant.

A good game is Turok it isn't beautiful but the game play is just fun o,ya it got around the same score as Killzone. Go figure.

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himdeel4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago ) where developers peddle smut they call games and dress them up in shiny new shoes from Payless Shoes that are 5 sizes to small. I was born into a world where if you buy this crap developers will continue to shovel this $h*t it harder then a crack head trying to score that next hit...I born in 2008.

LAWD forgive them for they know not what they do.

RAF-TECH4717d ago

not cuz of how it looks..
but how bad it plays.....

then i went to go read the ign review... that made me feel better.


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