Dev responds to IGN's Haze review - "MEGAowch"

With early reviews for Haze looking good (Famitsu 34/40 and Italian PSM 9/10), it came as a bit of a shock when IGN bestowed a dreaded 4.5/10 on the game in their review this morning. In curiosity, contacted Rob Yescombe of Free Radical to hear what he had to say.

"My thoughts are "Owch". No, wait - MEGAowch," wrote Yescombe. "Haze has had mixed reviews, but even GoldenEye got a 4/10 when it first came out. With a 9/10 in the Italian PSM, and an extremely positive review in Famitsu, we're looking forward to people playing Haze and making a judgment for themselves."

According to IGN, Haze suffered from "a bland story with weak characters... [and] tons of visual issues, from texture tears and non-descript environments to pop-in and odd animation problems."

This comes as a surprise to us because back in March, PSU was given hands on with a near final build of the game and we thought the title looked fairly good. The graphics in particular looked crisp and the framerate was smooth.

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ps360fella4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

WOW talk about damage control.

Jon86024783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

I thought that it was great that he responded. It was his honest opinion and he still has high hopes for people to buy this game and experience it. He gets my respect.

Vojkan4783d ago

why? They worked (something you dont know means or is) 2 or more years on it, they have rights to say what they think.
I think when it comes to looks, guys at IGN suffer from Killzone 2 virus. Meaning they saw KZ2 just a couple of days ago and now they compare graphics of every FPS with it. Which is unfair to be honest.

ps360fella4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )


ps360fella4783d ago

Vojkan piss off and dont bring up killzone, my god where do some of u ppl get your theories from.

justgamez4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

You don't think that reviewers compare games against others in the same genre? They compare games in different genres on different platforms (consoles). I'm not saying this is what IGN did or is doing but to mock the possibility since it happens all the time only makes me say to you.... "where do you get your theories from?"

There was absolutely nothing wrong with what vojkan or the developer said. Is it possible for people on here to give their opinion without someone like you slinging ignorant remarks at them?

"piss off?" Maybe you should take your own advice.

NoUseMerc4783d ago

Wow...that's sad IGN. How can you give Blacksite Area 51 a 6.2, and Haze a 4.5? Is it really that bad? According to IGN, Haze ranks right there with Conflict: Denied Ops which got a 4/10.

I think there is something mischievous going on here.

Statix4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

What he neglected to mention was that the 4 that Goldeneye supposedly got was out of 5, from Gamepro.


LastDance4783d ago

hardly damage control man.

justgamez4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

How could IGN give Turok a 7 and Haze a 4.5?

Anego Montoya FTMFW4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Haze is better than Turok.

But Haze is a PS3 exclusive.....understand.

Haze is NOT a 4.5 but it is on the PS3, on the 360 it`s a 8. It`s just the way it works lately.

And YES, i`ve played it.

solidt124783d ago

That's crazy. I think they went way to hard on this game from reading the review. Lets wait and see what others have to say about the game.

Watkins4783d ago

I think yeah, the game isn't ALL THAT good, but there is no chance ever that it deserves a 4,5, not from IGN. I think the reviewer was disappointed with the game and therefore put a low score on it just to prove that the game is a disappointment. BUt a reviewer shouldn't do this, and even then, 4,5 is waaay too low.

Actually .. I have no clue how this game got a 4,5. It's just way off. I thought the demo was quite fun ...

HateBoy4783d ago

Guys, instead of b!tching about how everyone hates Sony why don't you buy the game and judge for yourselves. Seems to me its a love or hate game. I didn't like the demo very much, but from the comments on this site a lot of people did, so just buy the game, or rent it at the least.

leon764783d ago

At 1.10 anegomontoya: Totaly agree with you man, you take the words from my mouth!!!!

prunchess4783d ago

you got a link to that review with its score? I don't mean to doubt you......

Hatchetforce4783d ago

I wouldn't say it is damage control. My problem with IGN isn't the review, but rather the previews. Go back and look at IGN's recent 3 previews. See anything but signs of people having fun? See anyone mention an annoying issue?

If a game is a 4.5 and the issues are that prominent then they ought to show up in a preview somewhere...someplace.

kspraydad4783d ago

I went looking and the only 4 I could find was on Game Rankings from Archive64...and it was 4.8/5

I'm not getting overly worked up about this....we will see when the averages work themselves seemed fine to me.

In fact...Famitsu scored it higher than Goldeneye!

Tmac4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

How is that damage control, he gave his two cents about his game. People these days, forgetting to use their brains. It's a damn shame.

Interesting how Blacksite got a higher IGN score than Haze...

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Relcom4783d ago

Get over it, i know i did. CoD4 is still where its at with shooters and MGS4 is coming. Its still all good.

Vojkan4783d ago

I dont think anyone expected HAZE to be AAA, reading what people that played demo had to say it is more like 7.0.
This game is obviously multiplatform title or otherwise graphics wouldnt be this average. besides Ubisoft is publisher so that confirmes it even more.
HAZE is just another Turok. One of those FPSs that you play in between big titles.

badz1494783d ago

nobody expected it to be AAA class but definitely not 4.5!! even Kane&Lynch, blacksite, denied ops, turning point and even soldier of fortune got better reviews while being mediocre!! so, what makes HAZE different even if it is indeed that bad? why a 4.5? it's simple, HAZE is PS3 exclusive!

they gave 10 for GTAIV graphic and sound, yet HAZE only got half of that! so much of a review from a site which had given higher scores for RB6V, GRAW2 and Lost Planet on 360 but lower scores for the damn f**king same games on PS3 later on! GRAW2 had extra features and Lost Planet came with all the extras on PS3 but as they HATE PS3 so much, they lowered the scores!!

I totally lost faith in IGN when they gave 10 for GTAIV! don't even ask about GS. I've never been to that site after Kane&Lynch! I'll stick to OPM and PMU from now on. screw IGN!!

season0074783d ago

but heck, it isn't one of those sucky games on Wii that always scores 40%, 4.5/10 from IGN is ridiculous (and Yes i have played the demo, not a big FPS fan, but think it should deserve 70-80ish..)

Ballistic Jay4783d ago

you are talking about the demo... there are differences between demos and pre-alpha demos and the game. It seems a lot of people who say it deserved better played it early on... maybe they made some wrong decisions for the final version. Who knows. Its just one review.

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MediaStream4783d ago

Jeff Haynes at IGN

Oh Jeffy, you make your fellow Xbox fans so happy and proud!

Ashton4783d ago

I thought he was from PS team in IGN

ps360fella4783d ago

so every site that gives a ps3 game a bad review is automatically agist Sony?

Tryst4783d ago

unfortunatelly, there are sad fanboys as reviewers.

jessupj4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Well honestly, a game has to be very very bad to get a 4.5. I have not played the demo, but from what I've seen and read the score should definitely be higher. I think the reviewer was very harsh and dare I say... a fanboy. They've lost a little credibility with me I'm afraid.

MediaStream4783d ago

It should be sickening to real gamers when you sit back and think what a complete failure the Xbox media has been this gen:

The 360 fan at vgchartz spewing fake sales numbers

The miserable 360 fans at gametrailers putting out bogus 'comparison' videos

Jeff Haynes at IGN

all doing their best to trash PS3 exclusives to try to keep the review averages below 90.

All that effort by the Xbox fans who have managed to hijack so much of the legitimate gaming press and it hasn't done a single thing to help the 360 sell any better than last gen or keep gamers from making the natural leap from the PS2 to the PS3.

Bnet3434783d ago

Yeah seriously, I guess all gaming sites are against PS3. Phucking jerkoffs, give it a rest, the game sucks.

HowarthsNJ4783d ago

Then he had to go back and play Haze. That's the real reason for the bad review.

He's a smart guy that seems to have been really disappointed by Haze after playing a better game.

I looked around and noticed he's a big R&C, DMC and MGS fan.

buddy 134782d ago

Than why is the PS2 selling better than the PS3's??? An Xbox 360 is a better choice for some people (like me), while the playstation is for others.

So what if Haze is crap, it not like its the make-or-break game for the PS3. and the Xbox has had its fair share of crap-ware, like Halo 3. (I loved the first two and read the novels twice through, i know what halo is all about and Halo 3 did nothing to excite me)

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Marty83704783d ago

I think IGN are going out of there way to slam 'Haze'. The reviews for Haze so far have been postitive, this won't stop me buying the game.

Tryst4783d ago

I know, all those issues mentioned in IGN are more than evident in Mass Effect, yet no marks were knocked off for those issues in reviews for that game.

InMyOpinion4783d ago

That's probably because Mass Effect is one of the best RPG's ever made.

If the issues affected the overall gameplay it wouldn't earn over 80 awards and a 91% avg at gamerankings and metacritic.

I'm not blaming you though, if you don't like IGN just wait for other reviews and see what they have to say about it.

Ali_The_Brit4783d ago

Mass effect is one of the worst games iv ever played. the game itself is very well made, but guess what IT IS BORING AS HELL absalutely no fun in 80% interactive cutscenes and the rest dodgy aiming and combat.

ShAkKa4783d ago

someone needed to tell ign that this game will probably come to 360 and pc maybe that would have make them give this game a better score.

Varsarus4783d ago

Mass Effect was a good game, but the framerate problems, texture loading, pop-ins, loading times were awful.

Hatchetforce4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

If you think the Mass Effect elevator simulator with it's dead lifeless planets is a great RPG then you haven't played any great ones at all. Seriously, that upchuck mobile is fun? Those planets that are like burned out cinders with one small little building entrance on the surface are part of a great RPG?

Are you saying the fact that most characters in the game do not even acknowledge you exist is the mark of a great RPG? The game deserved a 6 at most.

You need to try some recent great RPGs like The Witcher. I can't have a conversation of depth with everyone in the game but at least they know I exist. The environments are incredbly lush and rich. And no one had to create another word for The Force in order to give the central character other worldly power.

And the poster above is correct. Items they used to damn other games, items such as framrate, were given a free pass in Mass Effect and not even mentioned.

FOXDIE4783d ago

The first think you read on the review clearly states: Haze sucks!
Wtf was up with that review really? Feels like the writer had some personal vendetta against free radical or something!

InMyOpinion4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Maybe when you guys could review the games instead, and give all PS3 titles 10/10 and all 360 titles 0/10.

Here's what your review of Mass Effect would look like:

----------------------------- --------------------------

Review - Mass Effect(Xbox 3FixMe)

Graphics - 0/10
Gameplay - Who cares?
Story - Who cares?
Controls - Who cares?
Replayability - Who cares?

Conclusion: It's t3h elevators and t3h framerate problemz I played for 5 mins it sux, 360 xbutts!

Total - 0/10

----------------------------- ---------------------------

LenHart4783d ago

whats the point?

Mass effect will be coming to PS3 since EA doesnt make multiplat games and EA makes most of their money from selling SW on PS3 , thanks to high amount of PS3 SW sales in europe

Mass effect was a boring overrrated CRAP just like GTA4/HALO3 and BIOSHOCK

The only true NEXT GEN game is MGS4 --which will be unleashed on 12th June.

Dont worry MGS4 will be getting 10s all around the board. MGS4 will score better than GTA4 if not equal

InMyOpinion4783d ago

It's no use...

1 day left in the Cell, then I'm back in the Gamer Zone!

Wil Wheaton4782d ago

lol at all the ps3 fans that are trying to say this game doesnt suck its just like when they all said yea the controls in lair are not bad you just got to get used to it lol haha. Also this is an ign review not a gamespot one and gamespot is supposedly more biased towards the 360 lol ps3 is so gay with all your chinky games...

ScentlessApprentice74782d ago (Edited 4782d ago )

It was that bad. It doesn't have as good graphics as COD 4, but it still isn't bad. I think this title still is entitled to at least a rental to the normal PS3 owner role. It may not be as good as Call of Duty 4, but it ain't as bad as all the other crap that has as been as prevalent as in the other consoles. Give it a chance, and don't judge it so soon.

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Fishy Fingers4783d ago

Why bother? A review is just an opinion not fact.

bumnut4783d ago

i like games that my friend hates, if we both wrote a review you would get 2 different scores.

that is why i read several reviews or just buy the game from gamestation so i can get a refund if i don't like it.

Bnet3434783d ago

Yes but if IGN gave it a 9/10:


But it's just a review :(

Fishy Fingers4783d ago

Actually no, if they gave it 9/10, that's great, but it doesnt effect my opinion of the game.

I played the demo, didn't enjoy it so wont be buying it. The only opinion other than mine that is truely valid to me is my friends, I know a few aiming on picking it up, so if they are impressed I'll give it a shot, but some guys opinion from IGN wont change mine.